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Single and Multi Family Office News

We cover the most important news about single and multi family offices. We aim to report about every investment and important event of family investment groups. For example, a Swiss single family office recently invested in a marihuana startups. We gave insights into the specific investment and stated how the family office industry is (slowly) moving into weed investments. We also report about digitalization topics and new tools for family offices. Also HR news – for example if a new CEO gets appointed in an important family office – are covered by us.

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As stated below, the best way to stay updated in Europe’s family office industry is to follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Our followers come from various fields and positions, but most of our followers come from the investment sector. Private equity and venture capital funds follow us to get to know potential investors. Real estate professionals learn through our news platform about suitable family offices for their objects. Single and multi family office professionals follow us to have the latest information about industry trends, changes and investments of other family offices.

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Numerous investment professional from all over the world trust in familyofficehub in order to obtain the latest information on family offices. By covering the whole gloabl market we provide news and insights from the United States, Germany, UK, France, Switzerland, the Nordics and many other countries. No other website is more up-to-date and our research team is always looking for newsworthy events.

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