Wertheimer single family office targeting private equity deals in China

Wertheimer single family office targeting private equity deals in China

We created this article as part of our research process for our US single family office database. In this article, we highlight a new investment strategy of Mousse Partners, the single family office of the Wertheimer family, who are the owners of Chanel.

Mousse Partners is the single family offce of the founders of the iconic fashion brand Chanel. Now, the family office is targeting private equity opportunities in Asia, besides other investments. The focus of its Asian private equity strategy lies on developed and developed markets. Deal type-wise, the focus lies on middle-market buyouts and leveraged buyouts. China’s onshore market has especially caught the eye of the family office. One reason for targeting China is the loan prime rate lying below the US levels. The Wertheimer single family office favors middle-market buyouts with values between $50-500M.

Investment strategy of the Wertheimer single family office

Mousse Partners has built up a global diversified portfolio. The family office itself was established in 1991 and has its headquarters today in New York. Besides the previously illustrated private equity investments in Asia, the family office invests in venture capital, real estate, and credit. The AUM amounts to more than $90BN. One exemplary private equity investment of the firm was in Beautycounter 2018, a skincare brand. Private Equity firm Carlyle acquired a majority stake in Beautycounter in 2021.

Article Source: AsianInvestor
Picture source: Hanson Lu

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