List of the 1500 Largest Family Offices in Europe [2024]

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Family Offices: The Investment firms of Europe’s High Net Worth Families

The fortune of most European high net worth families is invested through dedicated investment firms, so-called family offices. Family offices have several advantages over usual wealth managers and private banks: no fees have to be paid and the families have more control over the specific investment strategy and the management of their funds. Often, family members are also actively involved in the management of their wealth.

Difference between European single and multi family offices

There are three types of family offices in Europe: single family offices (SFOs), multi family offices (MFOs) and single family offices that also opened up for external investors. Single family offices usually only invest the money of one family. Often, a family member is also managing the single family office. The SFO team is relatively small but carefully selected: high-profile money managers and investment managers with industry experience and prestigious degrees or MBAs. For certain services, like taxes or law topics, external consultants are hired. Multi family offices, on the other hand, manage the wealth of multiple wealthy families. Often, multi family offices are external service providers. They either offer own portfolio management services, or they only act in a consulting role: advising on asset manager selection (through so-called beauty contests), taking care of reporting, risk management and accounting. Often, also single family offices open up over the course of time for other families. A famous example is the Quandt family office in Germany, which also allows third-party families to invest alongside the family. Today, the family office is one of the largest multi family offices in Germany.

History of Family Offices in Europe

Family offices are a rather new phenomenon in Europe’s investment landscape. Probably the first family office was established by the Rockefeller family office in the United States. Two hundred years ago on the other side of the big pond, most wealthy families in Europe relied on private banks. Today, some private banks turned in multi family offices, while more and more families decide to open up their own family office. This makes especially sense when the family has a net worth above €100M.

Where are Europe’s family offices located?

There are a few countries in Europe where most family offices are located: UK, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Benelux and Scandinavia. Between the countries, there are different trends visible. While in rather capital-centric countries like UK or France, the family offices are located in the capital, other countries like Germany have rather a wide distribution of family offices. In UK, almost all family offices (single as well as multi family offices) are located in London. In France, the same applies for Paris. Whereas in Switzerland, there are multiple centers for family offices, like Geneva, Zurich or Zug.’s Database of European Single and Multi Family Offices

Through we offer the most extensive database of European family offices. Our research team steadily adds new family offices to our database, our customers receive these new family offices through free updates of our lists. We rely on several channels to extend our database: our family office network, deal investigation, press release screening, web crawlers and more. Our family office lists are downloadable as high-quality Excel-lists. You can get an impression of our lists through our free preview files. Below, we also give answers to frequently asked questions about our lists.

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Frequently asked questions about...

... our data.

Our experienced research team uses various sources for data retrieval and for finding new relevant family offices: we analyze global investment news, we are in close contact with our network of family offices and investment professionals, we build sophisticated web crawling technologies and we investigate which family office is behind which deal.

Our family office lists include general email addresses, phone numbers, URLs, executive names and postal addresses. Our database does not contain “hidden” personal contact details, since that would violate European privacy laws (GDPR). In some cases, when personal contact details are provided by family offices or are publicly available, they might be included in our lists. Due to the short lines of communication at family offices, our clients have had very good experiences in using the contact details provided to get in touch with the investment managers.

Our lists only include publicly available data or data provided directly by family offices. Thereby, we don’t offer personal (GDPR relevant) data, but save you months of research of identifying the most important family offices.

“N.a.” means that the specific information is not available. In case we know that firm XY is a relevant family office, but we only know its address, phone number and that it for sure invests in real estate we will fill out every known detail. The rest of the fields will be filled with “n.a.”. If you want to know the exact coverage (e.g. how many entries come with executive names) please either look on the website or get in touch with us. We are happy to give you detailed coverage statistics

... our prices.

The prices of our family office lists (including VAT) are available on the respective product pages. Our lists are one-off purchases – not a subscription model as offered by many other family office data providers. Free updates are included nonetheless.

Yes, our customers receive free list updates for at least twelve months after their purchase.

Yes, we offer bulk discounts up to 25% in case you are interested in multiple lists. Simply get in touch with us via our live-chat, contact [at] or phone (the number is available on our “Contact” page) and tell us which lists are relevant for you. In addition, in return for a review or testimonial we can offer you a 10% refund.

... purchasing our lists.

Our family office databases are accessible as downloadable excel files. After your purchase, you will be directly able to download the respective family office database. To understand our purchase process, you can simply download some of our free list previews.

Simply go on the respective product page(s), add the desired product(s) to the cart (symbol on the right of the menu item “Database”) and proceed to checkout. Enter your details and select a payment method. After payment, you will be immediately able to download the purchased family office list(s). An invoice will be sent automatically via email. In case something goes wrong or you need assistance our customer support will be available via live-chat, email (contact [at] or phone.

Yes, it is. We are in business since several years, we are a trusted partner of important family offices and global investment firms, we were already featured in major financial news publications. We are a German incorporated firm and you can also visit us at our office in Munich (please arrange a meeting beforehand). The founding team stands for the quality of our service with its name. Our website is SSL-secured and safe payment is possible via PayPal and credit card.

... updates of our family office lists.

Yes, we update our lists several times per year in order to offer up-to-date and top-notch information. The columns “Last Check”, “Last Update” and “Update Log” will tell you when the entry was checked the last time, when it was updated the last time and what changed during the last update (e.g. “New CEO”).

Usually, we update our lists 2-3 times per year. But we can’t guarantee a certain number of updates. For example, in 2019 we updated our European single family office database three times. In the beginning of 2019, our database only contained a litte more than 300 entries. Today, our list includes more than 550 European single family offices.

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