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Our lists of Global Single and Multi Family Offices

lists of european single family offices

When it comes to family offices, there is a odd asymmetry: although the family investment groups are important investors and business contacts, there is almost no reliable information about them on the internet. We solve this problem through Through our lists, we enable investors, entrepreneurs, consultants and firms from further occasions to get in touch with relevant single family offices.

How can you guarantee that you really list every major SFO?
Even though we spend dozens of hours of research and work with different technologies, we can’t guarantee that we list every SFO. This simply isn’t possible due to the enormous secrecy of some SFOs. But, our list improves from month to month and our customers benefit from it through free updates within one year.

Sounds good, but where can I find the right list for my purposes?
Our lists are ordered by two criteria: country based or topic based (real estate / venture capital …). And if you have any further questions, feel free to get in touch with us anytime.