Our customers always come first: we offer the world’s best single and multi family office databases and news and we aim to further improve our offering. We are happy to share some testimonials of satisified customers who enjoyed our products in the past.

Swiss Citrus Holding AG

The well-researched database of «familyofficehub.io» helps us in communicating directly with other like-minded family offices. It allows us to exchange ideas about asset allocation and share experiences about brokers and advisors. In addition, the database permits the search for active and passive co-investment opportunities.

Sara Windlin
Swiss Citrus Holding AG


A very helpful tool to detect the acquisition potential of a self-contained and demanding clientele. Great personal support. Continue that way.

Dr. Oliver Wilhelm


After using familyofficehub’s European database for a few months now, I can say with confidence that it is of strong quality (especially compared to competing US products) and that the team is constantly trying to expand it with relevant additional investors. I believe this is probably the best source of European family office data on the market today, which is a real achievement considering familyofficehub only launched at the beginning of the year. Do keep it up!

Caroline Bergaud
Bergaud Partners


The “Top 50 Single Family Offices Switzerland”-list provides a very clear and current overview and saves long and time consuming researches. In addition to that I experienced a very uncomplicated and friendly service.
This is clearly the best list on Swiss Family Offices on the market. I can only recommend this product.

Luc Heller
Farner Consulting AG

Eric Ranson

I purchased the U.S. real estate single family office database along with the U.S. Private Equity list, both have proved to be very useful and I am very impressed with the amount of data. Customer service was terrific, the team were very helpful and at my request provided me with insight into which lists were most suitable for my research.

Eric Ranson
Australian Freehold

CEO, Biotechnology Start-Up

The familyofficehub.io Team was very helpful in identifying and catering to our needs. The acquired lists were very helpful in the identification and pursuit of family offices for our Seed Round.

CEO, Biotechnology Start-Up

Richard Bottger

I have been an investment professional in the alternative asset space for 20 years with the last ten years as as a senior portfolio managers of a Global Absolute Return Fund. A great deal of time and effort is spent on uncovering discreet capital pools increasingly more often associated with family office environments where investment restrictions are minimized and where investors understand the nuances of patient capital for longer term capital appreciation. The familyofficehub.io provides a compelling product that is sufficiently detailed and accurately displayed. I will certainly do repeat business with the organization and applaud the offering.

Richard Bottger
Tower Capital


The data is provided with contact details of the leading Family offices in the Nordic region. It is helpful to plan to reach out to the investors with minimal effort.

FamilyOfficeHub has done an excellent job of updating the information on regular basis. The FamilyOfficeHub team is supportive with the post sales follow up and clarification.
Recommend for anyone with business interests in the Nordic region.

Grassroots Energy

Matteo Marzagalli

I bought the list and I immediately found it very useful: easy to analyse and fast to check every record.
After two weeks of my purchase, I automatically received the updated version, that it is absolutely a must in this kind of service. I would definitely recommend it!

Matteo Marzagalli

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