Family Office Glossary and Definitions

We explain the world of family offices. What is a family office, in which asset classes are they investing and how to approach FOs? We deliver answers on those questions in our family office glossary & knowledge section. The research team of familyofficehub does not only provide definitions and explanations of the most important terms in the family office sphere, but underlines the insights with in-depth family office research. Like this, our knowledge section is the perfect starting point for newcomers as well as experienced managers within the family office business.

Family Office definitions, explanations and insights

The secret family office business gains in popularity since a couple of years. However, there remain hundrets of open questions for newcomers in the world of multi and single family offices. We facilitate the entry into the business of wealthy families by putting togehter definitions, explanations and exclusive insights in our glossary and knowledge section. We do not only explain the difference between single and multi family offices but also tell you more about the services they offer and the investments they make.

Why familyofficehub is the right family office research platform for you

The experienced research team of analyses the European family office market since many years. As a consequence, we have not only built a huge database of family offices across Germany, France, Switzerland, UK, the Nordics, Benelux and so on. We also understand the family office business as a whole like no other research platform out there. Our team screens press releases and has an eye on investment deals going on. Moreover, we know every statistic and analysis about single and multi family offices in Europe and across the world. Our family office definitions are a good example of how deep our knowledge is and how we share our experiences with partners and customers.

Exclusive market analysis, unique database & knowledge of the family office business in Europe

If you have specific questions regarding family offices in general we are happy to assist you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in information about single or multi family offices in the EU or other countries across the globe. We help you finding the perfect family office for your needs and provide as much insights as we can.

Picture source: Annette Schuman