List of the 400 Largest Single Family Offices United States (US) [2022]

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The list includes 432 U.S. single family offices, thereof 255 with E-Mail address, 388 with executive names. Free updates within one year are included in the purchase price, a preview file is available. The last update of the list was published on May 23rd, 2022.

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List of 5 U.S. Single Family Offices

U.S. family offices play an integral part in the American investment landscape. They are major investors in financial markets, private equity, real estate and venture capital. Hence, our list is an important source for investment professionals all over the world. In the following, we are introducing you to five interesting US single family offices that are part of our list:

1. Fremont Group, Bechtel Family, San Francisco (California)

The San Francisco-based Fremont Group is the single family office of the Bechtel family. The Bechtel family is active in the engineering and construction space since 1895. Through different specialized teams, the Californian single family office is investing in various verticals. For example, FPR Partners is trading publicly traded equities for the family office. Fremont Private Holdings makes private equity investments in firms that make at least $20M in EBITDA. Fremont Macanta is a joint venture with the New York-based single family office of Terence O’Toole.

Update 2022: In the beginning of 2022, the Bechtel family office announced an lucrative real estate deal. 67,000sqf industrial complex in New Britain was sold for $6.95M, which represents a profit of $4.2M based on the acquisition price of $2.75M in 2012.

2. Prairie Management Group, Segal Family, Northbrook (Illinois)

Gordon Segal, former CEO and longtime leader of the home furnishing retail chain Crate & Barrel, invests his capital through the Prairie Management Group. The Illinois-based single family office invests in businesses and real estate opportunities. Private Equity investments of Prairie include Evereve, Gotsworld, Framebridge and matterport. For its real estate investments, the firm looks for value-add and opportunistic investment opportunities. For example, the family office invested in a medical office in Houston, Texas.

3. Talpion Fund Management, Henry Swieca, New York (New York)

In 2010, Henry Swieca launched Talpion Fund Management as his private single family office. After beginning his career at Merill Lynch and further stations at E.F. Hutton & Co., Swieca built his firm Highbridge Capital to a major alternative asset manager, ultimatively selling it to JP Morgan. Swiecas single family office is focused on equities, real estate, private equity and venture capital. Through its foundation Talpion supports, amongst others, AIEF and the Columbia University.

4. The Hillman Company, Hillman Family, Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania)

The Pittsburgh-based Hillman family pools its wealth through the family office “The Hillman Company”. With more than 100 years of experience in private equity investing, the Pennsylvanian single family office is heavily weighted towards this asset class. Special emphasis lies on venture capital, growth equity and energy. The capital is also invested in other asset classes. Furthermore, the family office also has a philanthropic arm, the Hillman Family Foundations, whose gifts include the Hillman Library at the University of Pittsburg or the Hillman Center for Future-Generation Technologies at the Carnegie Mellon University.

5. The Straus Group, Straus Family, New Jersey

The single family office of Daniel E. Straus is called The Straus Group. Straus was the principal investor of hundreds of deals and was the CEO of The Multicare Companies, an NYSE traded firm. The family office invests for 20 years in various asset classes, like hedge funds, private credit, equity and real estate. The New Jersey single family office also invests in international properties.

Picture source: Natalie Chaney, Unsplash

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Our US family office database in a nutshell

We are certain that we offer the most useful United States family office list with the highest quality. Our family office lists are developed through a yearlong process: we analyze every deal in finance, real estate, private equity or venture capital for family office participations. We rely on a huge network of investment professionals and family offices. We crawl news and websites through sophisticated web crawlers for new family office deals. Our customers benefit from free database updates within twelve months.

High data quality ensured by our research team

We offer the most datapoints and the highest data quality: every single family office we add to our list is manually checked by our research team. We gather as much information as possible and take care on carefully selecting the most relevant and largest single family offices. Thereby, our customers receive a high-quality list of American single family offices.

Disclaimer: due to the secrecy of some family offices, we are sometimes not able to provide you with email addresses or other pieces of information. In case we don’t know the exact investment focus, the specific column is marked as n.a.

What our customers say about our lists

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Investment focus, family net worth, portfolio

Our customers especially value our various data points: besides contact details (general e-mail address, phone number, URL, address) executive names, family wealth, we also include many information points about the detailed investment focus. Especially, we provide you with details on the real estate, private equity and venture capital investment focus. We specify the investment style (in which kind of companies or real estate does the family office invest?) and we provide you with exemplary investments. The list can also be filtered and sorted by financial market investments (funds, equities, etc.) and renewable investments.

Contact details of investment executives

For as much single family offices as possible, we provide you with up to two investment professionals (e.g. the Founder / CEO as well as the Chief Investment Officer). In many cases we provide the name, the role and the LinkedIn profile of the relevant contacts.

Disclaimer: We do not offer personal contact details due to European GDPR regulations. Instead, we offer generic contact details and links to LinkedIn profiles. In case no contact details are available, the respective fields are marked with n.a.

Statistics about data coverage in our list

To get a better overview of the included data in our family office list, we are provding a few statistics about geographics, investment focuses and coverage.

Coverage by State

Value Count Percentage in %
New York 77 21.75
California 60 16.95
Illinois 31 8.76
Texas 28 7.91
Florida 21 5.93

Coverage by City

Value Count Percentage in %
New York 70 19.77
Chicago 21 5.93
Dallas 16 4.52
Boston 12 3.39
Los Angeles 10 2.82
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We also offer tailored lists to specific states, cities or investment focus. So, you can - for example - buy a list with all American single family offices that invest in private equity. Or, all single family offices from New York.

Investments of American Single Family Offices

In our up-to-date family office news blog, we are reporting about the most important family office deals all over the world. Many deals are done by single family offices from the United States. In the following, we give an overview of relevant transactions.

Rodriguez family offices participates in funding round for fighting league (2022)

A major investment of another US family office was pursued in 2022: A-Rod Corp, the family office of former MLB start Alex Rodriguez, invested in the professional martial arts league PFL. Through the $30M investment round, PFL's further growth should be boosted.

Sternlicht family office invests in satellite data SPAC IPO (2021)

Barry Sternlicht is a well-known investor, who recently dived into the field of SPACs. In March 2021, Sternlicht invested through a $245M PIPE deal alongside BlackRock, Hedosophia and JAWS in the SPAC merger of NavSight with satellite data company Spire Global. Spire global offers high-value satellite imagery data to customers from various industries.

Adam Neumann single family office backs $50M Series A of Valon Mortage (2021)

The founder and former CEO of co-working giant WeWork has invested in the $50M Series A of Valon Mortage through his single family office. Valon Mortage wants to bring innovation to the mortage industry, by making the whole process more transparent. The digital product is already available in 49 US states. Furthermore, Fannie Mae allowed Valon to manage government-backed home loands.

Single family office from Maryland invests in car dealership real estate (2021)

It is well-known that many single family offices are also open to rather unusual assets. Jim Davis and Steve Bosciotti, billionaires from Maryland, proved that by acquiring two Florida-based car dealerships for $90.5M. The buildings of the car dealerships are located in Margate, Tamarac and West Palm Beach.

Van Tuyl family office invests in Envisics (2020)

In 2020, the Van Tuyl family office invested in UK-based tech startup Envisics that is working on hologram solutions, especially for the automotive sector.The Van Tuyl family office is closely related to the automotive sector. The family company was once the leading car dealership in America, until it was 2014 acquired by Berkshire Hathaway for $4.1BN.

Our list includes major US family offices like Redwood Capital Investments, Cascade Investment, Thiel Capital, Dorilton Capital, Soros Capital Management LLC, Dunes Point Capital, Oak Hill Capital Partners, Mousse Partners Limited, Bayshore Global Management, MSD Capital, Crow Holdings, Waycrosse Inc., Wildcat Capital Management, Declaration Partners, the Pritzker Group, Hillspire LLC, Willet Advisors, Kinship Capital, and hundreds of other highly relevant family investment groups.

Frequently asked questions about...

... our data.

Our experienced research team uses various sources for data retrieval and for finding new relevant family offices: we analyze global investment news, we are in close contact with our network of family offices and investment professionals, we build sophisticated web crawling technologies and we investigate which family office is behind which deal.

Our family office lists include general email addresses, phone numbers, URLs, executive names and postal addresses. Our database does not contain "hidden" personal contact details, since that would violate European privacy laws (GDPR). In some cases, when personal contact details are provided by family offices or are publicly available, they might be included in our lists. Due to the short lines of communication at family offices, our clients have had very good experiences in using the contact details provided to get in touch with the investment managers.

Our lists only include publicly available data or data provided directly by family offices. Thereby, we don't offer personal (GDPR relevant) data, but save you months of research of identifying the most important family offices.

"N.a." means that the specific information is not available. In case we know that firm XY is a relevant family office, but we only know its address, phone number and that it for sure invests in real estate we will fill out every known detail. The rest of the fields will be filled with "n.a.". If you want to know the exact coverage (e.g. how many entries come with executive names) please either look on the website or get in touch with us. We are happy to give you detailed coverage statistics

... our prices.

The prices of our family office lists (including VAT) are available on the respective product pages. Our lists are one-off purchases - not a subscription model as offered by many other family office data providers. Free updates are included nonetheless.

Yes, our customers receive free list updates for at least twelve months after their purchase.

Yes, we offer bulk discounts up to 25% in case you are interested in multiple lists. Simply get in touch with us via our live-chat, contact [at] or phone (the number is available on our "Contact" page) and tell us which lists are relevant for you. In addition, in return for a review or testimonial we can offer you a 10% refund.

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Our family office databases are accessible as downloadable excel files. After your purchase, you will be directly able to download the respective family office database. To understand our purchase process, you can simply download some of our free list previews.

Simply go on the respective product page(s), add the desired product(s) to the cart (symbol on the right of the menu item "Database") and proceed to checkout. Enter your details and select a payment method. After payment, you will be immediately able to download the purchased family office list(s). An invoice will be sent automatically via email. In case something goes wrong or you need assistance our customer support will be available via live-chat, email (contact [at] or phone.

Yes, it is. We are in business since several years, we are a trusted partner of important family offices and global investment firms, we were already featured in major financial news publications. We are a German incorporated firm and you can also visit us at our office in Munich (please arrange a meeting beforehand). The founding team stands for the quality of our service with its name. Our website is SSL-secured and safe payment is possible via PayPal and credit card.

... updates of our family office lists.

Yes, we update our lists several times per year in order to offer up-to-date and top-notch information. The columns "Last Check", "Last Update" and "Update Log" will tell you when the entry was checked the last time, when it was updated the last time and what changed during the last update (e.g. "New CEO").

Usually, we update our lists 2-3 times per year. But we can't guarantee a certain number of updates. For example, in 2019 we updated our European single family office database three times. In the beginning of 2019, our database only contained a litte more than 300 entries. Today, our list includes more than 550 European single family offices.

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