List of the 25 largest Single Family Offices Florida [2024 Update]

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This list includes 25 single family offices from Florida, thereof 16 with E-Mail address, 23 with executive names. Free updates within one year are included in the purchase price, a preview file is available. The last update of the list was published on January 3rd, 2024.

Suitable for mailings: The list contains columns for formal salutation, title, and the first and last name of the management.

This list is a part of our list of the 400 largest US single family offices.

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List of 3 large single family offices in Florida

In the following, we present three firms of our list to give you an impression of the included single family offices.

1. Amzak Capital Management (Boca Raton)

Amzak Capital manages the wealth of the Kazma family. The Kazma’s wealth is based on the cable television industry. When at first they developed and operated their cable systems only in Canada and the US, the Kazma family expanded their business to Latin America, where they had operations in e.g. Venezuela and Trinidad. In 1997 Amnet, a big cable television company in Central America was founded. They sold it to Millicom International Cellular S.A. in 2008. Firstly Amzak Capital Management only focused on the cable industry, the company now focuses on a much broader range of industries and strategies. The main four focus areas are private equity, fixed income, real estate, and healthcare. The geographical concentration of Amzak’s portfolio is in the US, South America, Central America, and the Caribbean.

2. Desdemona Capital (Miami Beach)

This single family office is the investment firm of Christian Jagodzinski. He was an early innovator in the only sector and founded several Internet companies., the former biggest online book retailer in Europe, was one of the firms he founded. It was acquired by Amazon in 1998. Other examples of his firms are (a big web hosting provider) and Villazzo (a real estate firm, that brings luxury hotel management to unique private homes). Desdemona Capitals investment focus mainly lies on real estate and private equity with a focus on real estate. The portfolio for example includes the already mentioned firm Villazzo and Nikki Beach – St. Tropez, a luxury hotel and beach club with locations all around the world.

3. Ferro Holdings (Miami)

Ferro Holdings is the single family office of Kevin Ferro. Kevin Ferro has high expertise in alternative investments and healthcare. He for example founded Ferro Capital LLC, an alternative investments firm with locations in New York and Frankfurt. Kevin Ferro also is the founder of Vatera Holdings LLC, an investment advisor in a broad range of investment classes. Vatera Holdings was sold in 2018. His specialization in alternative investments als0 brought him a job as Global Head of Alternative Investment Strategies for Commerzbank. Kevin Ferro is involved in philanthropic causes too. Especially in education, medical research, health and environment. He is serving on the Board of Trustees of Prep for Prep, which offers promising students of color with modest background access to private school education.

Information included in our list

  • Country of main location
  • Company name
  • Contact data (URL, address, state, e-mail, telephone number, executives)
  • Serial letter columns for mailings (formal salutation, first name, last name of the first executive)
  • LinkedIn profiles of the top management, if available
  • Family information (Name, Estimated family assets in M€, Holding structure)
  • Real Estate Focus (Yes/No) / Real Estate Focus Details / Examples of Real Estate Investments
  • Venture Capital Focus (Yes/No) / Details on Venture Capital Focus / Examples of Venture Capital Investments
  • Private Equity Focus (Yes/No) / Details on Private Equity Focus / Examples of Private Equity Investments
  • Financial assets focus (Yes/No)
  • Renewable Energy Focus (Yes/No)
  • Other focus (art, philanthropy, forestry, agriculture, etc.)
  • Dates of the entry creation, last check and last update

Values may be missing if some data points are not publicly available. The “largest single-family offices” are defined by the wealthiest American families who actively invest through investment vehicles and for whom reliable information is available. With regular, free updates and extensions, we constantly improve the data quality. 

Tax laws and friendly climate are luring family offices to Florida

Florida with its almost 21 million inhabitants is home to many well-known single family offices. The friendly climate of the “sunshine state” is only one of many reasons why America’s richest families are moving to Florida. In Florida, there is no statewide income tax or estate and inheritance taxes. An interesting trend is that many family offices moved from New York to Florida within the last years.

Hotspots for family investment firms in Florida: Miami, Tampa, Boca Raton

A high number of Florida-based single family offices is located in certain cities. Most attractive is Miami, with more than 5 local single family offices. Also cities close to Miami like “Miami Lakes” are home to family offices. Also relevant for SFO headquarters are Tampa or Boca Raton. Interestingly, only one single family office is located in Florida’s largest city Jacksonville.

Strong real estate business in Florida

Traditionally, Florida is known for its booming real estate industry. Also many of the local single family offices are specialized on real estate deals. One interesting SFO is specialized on project developments and the acquisition of residential, office and hotel spaces. The family investment firm also owns several properties in Florida.

Growing startup scene in Miami

Within the last years, also a vivid startup landscape developed in Miami. Also leading tech companies like Google or Facebook have many employees in their Miami offices. Besides that, more than 100 of the 5,000 most important U.S. startups are located in Miami. There are several different accelerator programs in the city (like Endeavor or Rokk3. Also many co-working spaces are available for startup founders. One interesting single family office is – for example – specialized on seed and early stage investments in financial services, information technology and manufacturing startups.


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