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This list is based on our database of Europe’s 600 largest multi family offices.


German Multi Family Offices

In Germany, multi family offices are playing a vital role in the country’s asset management landscape. Many wealthy entrepreneurial families are relying on multi family offices, which are pooling the assets of multiple families. Investments are done through external asset manager, own funds or alternative investments.

multi family offices germany database

+17 columns of valuable information

We build our lists to ensure optimal usability for our clients. There are three areas included: family office information, contact details and investment information. So we provide you with general e-mail addresses, phone numbers, excecutive names, type of family office (asset management / consulting / bank affiliated).

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Database Multi Family Offices Germany

Database of the most important Multi Family Offices in Germany in the environment of HNWI (High Net Worth Individuals)

Multi Family Offices manage the assets of an association of extremely wealthy families and make investments in high return industries. With the help of large family assets, MFOs are often able to manage large investment projects worth billions and play an important role in the investment landscape. In addition, Multi Family Offices are active in asset management and support their clients in asset structuring. There are many such family offices in Germany, but most of them are quite unknown. Our list offers an overview of the Top 75 Multi Family Offices in Germany at a glance. These can then be contacted by e-mail, telephone or post. This makes the database of the largest MFOs in Germany a unique basis for finance professionals and consultants in the investment scene. It has never been easier to identify and contact the asset managers of High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI). In this way, we could already help numerous fund managers, asset managers and other players to reach out to high-quality contacts.

Multi Family Offices Germany and Beyond: Research Expertise in the Environment of Wealthy Families

No other portal is as good at mapping the family office market as . The secretive, discreet industry makes it difficult to identify relevant players and to for interested parties to contact them. At this point, the analysts of become active and make the opaque market transparent. We evaluate press releases, analyse deals in the investment areas of private equity, venture capital and real estate and continually adapt our database. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to track down family offices that are often overlooked. Make use of our knowledge and gain a competitive advantage over your competitors! In addition to the list of the largest German MFOs, we offer other relevant products in this environment, such as the largest Multi Family Offices in Switzerland, the largest Multi Family Offices in Europe, the largest Single Family Offices in Germany or the largest Single Family Offices in Switzerland.

Information and data points included in the overview of the largest German MFOs

  • Contact details (company name, address, e-mail address, telephone, URL, management)
  • Activity focus (asset management, consulting, bank-related services)
  • Additional focus (Private Equity, Concierge Services, Art etc.)
  • Activities in Real Estate (Yes/No)

The activities of Multi Family Offices: Asset management, consulting, bank-related services, etc.

The largest German multi-family offices are active in a wide range of areas. Our database helps you to identify the focus of the respective companies at a glance and to filter out the MFOs that are relevant for your project. For this purpose, the list contains columns on the focus of the family offices. First, the companies are divided into one of three segments, namely Asset Management, Consulting and Bank-related. MFOs with a focus on asset management actively manage clients’ assets and make investment decisions. Consulting means that MFOs provide investment advice and do not invest their clients’ money independently. Banking-related services are offered by family offices belonging to a bank. These MFOs can be found particularly in the environment of German private banks. In addition, our address database shows Multi Family Offices that are active in the real estate sector and provides information on additional services that can vary substantially.

This is why our list of the largest Multi Family Offices in Germany is so valuable for investment professionals.

Working with exceptionally wealthy families and individuals is the supreme discipline for every asset manager. But how can access to the spheres of HNWI be successful? As Multi Family Offices often have direct contact to extremely wealthy families, they are particularly sought-after contacts for many consultants in Germany. If you convince the experienced family officers, the chances of direct contact with the few families with billions in assets increase. Since MFOs often not only provide financial support, but also offer holistic services, family asset managers are also very valuable for lawyers, tax advisors and other service providers.

Familyofficehub service: free preview file, regular updates, professional customer support

The research team of attaches great importance to satisfied customers. If you have any questions about the database of the most important Multi Family Offices in Germany, please send an e-mail to contact[at] Also, if you are interested in an excerpt of the Excel file, we will be happy to help you. With the help of a free preview file you can convince yourself of the structure and data quality of our list of the largest German Multi Family Offices.

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multi family offices germany directory

List of 3 German multi family offices

Germany is Europe’s strongest economy. Consequently, there is a huge amount of entrepreneurial money to be invested and managed. Besides more than 300 German single family offices, there are also more than 100 major multi family offices. Thereof, we introduce you to three interesting firms.

1. HQ Trust (Bad Homburg v.d.H.)

The German family of Harald Quandt accumulated a massive amount of wealth in the years after the second world war. From 1973 on, the family started to divest its industrial assets. In 1981, the Harald Quandt Holding was established a a single family office, which in turn was opened to other families in 1988 as multi family office. HQ Trust in its form today was established in 2006, being today a leading multi family office. The family office is active in traditional asset classes like equity and funds as well as alternative investments like private debt, real estate, private equity and hedge funds.

2. Focam AG (Frankfurt)

Another renowned multi family office in Germany is the Frankfurt-based Focam AG. The family office, led by Christian Freiherr von Bechtolsheim, was established in 1999. It’s active in Asset Management and mainly invests through trusted third-party managers. The services of FOCAM range from tactical asset allocation to investment research and reporting tasks. The firm calls itself “Trusted Advisor” – and has managed to win mandates of dozens of entrepreneurial families throughout the years.

3. Pamera Real Estate Partners (Munich)

A different approach for wealthy German families is offered by Pamera: the Munich-based firm acts as a real estate multi family office. For its clients, Pamera builds up real estate portfolios consisting of residential, office, hotel and retail properties. Furthermore, Pamera is active in real estate development and mezzanine capital. So far, Pamera is managing more than 40 properties and €850 million of assets. The track record of the German real estate investor exceeds €1.4 billion.

Picture source: Matteo Krössler

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