Clarebout single family office invests in digital technology fund imec.future

Clarebout single family office invests in digital technology fund

We created this article as part of our research process for our European single family office database. Here, we are highlighting the investment of the Clarebout single family office in digital technology fund imec iStart.

The Belgian imec Research Center initiated a venture capital fund for digital technology startups. One of the investors is the single family office of the Belgian Clarebout family. The Clarebout family stands behind the frozen chip maker with the same name. Its turnover amounted more than €1BN in 2022. The net worth of the Clarebout family is estimated at €430M. Amongst others, the Belgian family office invests in startups through venture capital funds, such as imec.istart.

Imec.istart has now launched its €75M future fund. The imec. istart fund provides startups between €0.1-0.25M. The future fund should take over follow-on investments for startups from the seed capital portfolio. Investors in the istart future fund include, besides the Clarebout family, PMV, ING Belgium and COI. Also, alumni of former portfolio companies, such as the founders of PieSync, have invested in the fund. Focus areas of imec include “Sensing and actuation,” “Connectivity,” “Health Technology,” “Advanced logic and memory devices,” and “Integrated Photonics.” Portfolio companies include Surgiprint, clipido, ReWing and EnFoil.

Article Source: eenewseurope
Picture source: Ashwin Vaswani

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