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The list includes 616 multi family offices, thereof 554 with E-Mail address, 527 with executive names. Free updates within one year are included in the purchase price, a free preview file is available. The last update of the list was published on July 2nd, 2021.

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European Multi Family Offices

Location of Europe’s Multi Family Offices

Europe’s multi family office investment firms are widely spread throughout the continent. Home to most multi family offices is Switzerland, with more than 150 major multi family offices. Especially important are wealth management clusters in Zurich or Geneva. Another important country for multi family offices is Germany with over 100 firms. Germany offers important financial centers like Frankfurt or Munich. Of course, also many UK multi family offices are included in the list.

list of multi family offices europe

Multi Family Offices from Europe

As one of the richest continents, Europe plays a predominant role when it comes to wealth and wealth management. Many wealthy entrepreneurial families are relying on multi family offices, which are pooling the assets of multiple families. Investments are done through external asset manager, own funds or alternative investments.

multi family offices europe directory list

+17 columns of valuable information

We build our lists to ensure optimal usability for our clients. There are three areas included: family office information, contact details and investment information. So we provide you with general e-mail addresses, phone numbers, excecutive names, type of family office (asset management / consulting / bank affiliated).

Interested, but you want more? Get a free preview file with exemplary entries.

You can directly download a preview file at the multi family office list preview product page. In case of any remaining questions or if you want an individual preview file drop us a line via email or live chat.

list multi family offices europe

Database of European Multi-Family Offices

Wealth management plays a huge role in Europe, home to many of wealthiest families and individuals. Here the Multi-Family Offices play a distinguished role, managing those assets and being a point of reference for partners, private equity firms, start-ups and other institutions offering investment opportunities. The research department at compiled this database of the over 400 Multi-Family Offices Europe from 19 countries all throughout the continent. It facilitates reaching out to wealth managers of HNWIs (High net worth individuals) and affluent families. It has never been easier to purchase the database via our webshop and procure a handy excel file. Clients are able to spot without any obstacles the relevant companies from Budapest to Madrid. Among our satisfied clients are asset managers, wealthy families, consultants and financial experts among others who make use of the database from day-to-day.

Database-structure represents the expertise of Multi-Family Offices Europe: asset management, consulting or banking-related services

We make the use of our list as intuitive as possible, saving our clientsโ€™ time. One column, therefore, divides the family offices into three groups โ€“ Asset Management, Consulting and Bank Related Services. What do we mean by these three categories? The first category: management of assets, meaning that the Multi-Family Offices actively make decisions on behalf of their wealthy clients regarding a whole scope of investment opportunities including the capital market, real estate, private equity or other opportunities such as venture capital in start-ups. The Multi-Family Offices with an emphasis on consulting, only advice their customers regarding the management of their investments. Here the involvement varies depending on the offered services but mainly on the customer’s needs. In the narrowest sense, it can include only advisory regarding investment opportunities but can cover also concierge services, financial life plans, legal advice, buying of art, consultancy of M&A deals, planning of inheritance among many others. The difference to the first category is that the decision is always made by the client, not the Office.  The last category consists of a different type of enterprise because it is a branch of a bank. European Banks have entered the service sector of single- and multi-family offices, opening their own bank-related family offices since it has become a growing financial sector in the last decades.

What type of data is included in the catalogue of the most important Multi-Family Offices Europe

  • Contact details (address; telephone number; e-mail ; executive board)
  • Subdivision by focus (asset management; consulting in asset structuring; bank-related services)
  • An additional focus of MFOs, if applicable (real estate; private equity; yacht management; sports management etc.)

London, Frankfurt, Geneva, Monaco and Co โ€“ Outlook on the most important Multi-Family Offices in Europe

The old continent is a powerhouse when it comes to wealth management. Many successful companies made their owners rich and created wealth which now has to be protected and managed, to retain and increase its value over time. Billions of Euros must be managed and invested properly across the world and the continent. The offered database covers all financial centres but also smaller cities and second-tier finance hubs, providing an extensive overview of the Family-Office Industry. Based on our years of experience we were able to include information missing in our competitor’s lists, providing further added value to our customers. Using this database helps you to generate leads and reach out to the contacts that matter most to your success.

The whole world has its finances managed by European Multi-Family Offices

The listed Multi-Family Offices serve clients not only in their home countries, but also in other countries, especially when coming from a financial hub such as Monaco, Switzerland or Luxemburg. But not exclusively European families rely on the services of such Family-Offices. Wealthy families for example from the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, or even China or India also rely on the services offered in Europe. We include all types of family offices from a niche-boutique office until huge operations, which manage several billions of Euros on behalf of their local or international partners.

largest european multi family offices

Why choose us? Outstanding Research, A lot of expertise in the industry and years of gained experience

There are several arguments making us the perfect supplier for your demands regarding data in the financial sector. combines the strength of personal experience judging and evaluating industry news, press releases and stock exchange data to get a comprehensive picture of what is happening in the industry. Due to our technical skills, we apply state of the art technology and software solutions, getting us the data, which is the most relevant for our customers. In this manner, our research team is able to understand and cluster industries which are not easy to comprehend and enable our clients to profit from that knowledge. Counting on years of experience also hidden champions in the industry do not escape our investigation. Using these techniques allows us to provide such an extensive and detailed database covering the most relevant European Family-Offices.

The full package: Free preview, One year of free updates and 24/7 customer support

Nothing is more important to us, than satisfied customers here at familyofficehub. If you want to get an idea of our offered quality, do not hesitate to contact us via email at hello[at], with great pleasure we will share with you a free sample of our list. It gives you an idea of the data quality and the arrangement of the information. Within the first year after buying the list, you will get free updates which are sent out automatically per e-mail further extending the offered database. Working with the most recent version helps you to get the best possible results. When the first-year ends, you are voluntarily able to subscribe to the updates as a service. We are excited to welcome you as a client and wish you every possible success with the provided lists.

Portraits of the most relevant Multi Family Offices Europe: Pamera, Sycomore Family Office, Witam MFO, Agami MFO and more

Our core competence is the analysis of the European family office market. The central result is our database of the most relevant single and multi family offices, with which we successfully support numerous financial professionals. But we also offer further valuable services that will give you insights into the secret world of Europe’s richest families. Our newsletter summarizes the latest investments of family offices in Europe and keeps you up-to-date. Also, we provide portraits of important family offices so that you get an even better understanding of the way investment companies of HNWI work. As an example, we present some multi family offices below. Some of them are among the biggest ones in Europe with huge Assets under Management (AuM). Others are rather small but real specialists in their field. Enjoy reading and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

List of 3 large European Multi Family Offices

Multi family offices play a major role in the European investment landscape, managing billions of euros of capital. We are introducing you to five major family offices from our European family office database.

1. UBS Global Family Office (Switzerland)

The Swiss private bank UBS belongs to Europe’s leading financial institutions with over USD 1.1 trillion of invested assets. Its family office unit “UBS Global Family Office” is well-known and heavily expanding throughout the last few years. The family office offers its client mainly investing services. It separates its services in four major fields: “Core Business”, “Investment Portfolio”, “Strategic Investments” and “Financing”. For example, it helps the family businesses in M&A cases, corporate financing and capital market topics. In its investment division, it offers trading and infrastructure services as well as “tailored investment solutions”. Also private deals in real estate and private equity are part of UBS’ family office strategy.

2. Stanhope Capital (London)

Interestingly, London-based Stanhope Capital nowhere calls itself a family office. However, the “wealth management and advisory” firm is one of Europe’s most-renowned multi family offices with more than USD 24 billion under management. In 2020, the firm announced to merge with FWM Holdings. FWM is the parent company of the Forbes Family Trust, whose owner family is known for its publications. Clients of Stanhope include the Duchy of Lancaster, which is the private estate of the Queen. Stanhope differentiates its services in Wealth Management, Consulting, Merchant Banking and Private Investments.

3. 1875 Finance (Switzerland)

The Swiss multi family office 1875 manages more than CHF 11 billion of assets through 4 offices and 65 employees. The firm was founded in 2006. Amongst the founders were Jaques-Antoine Ormond and Francois-Michel Ormond, whose wealth management roots go back to 1875. The family office is based on Swiss-typical high confidentiality and long-term financial planning.

Picture source: Claudio Schwarz

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