List of the 25 largest Multi Family Offices Liechtenstein [2024]

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“The best overview of Liechtenstein’s multi family offices as an easy-to-use Excel list.”

The list includes 25 multi family offices, thereof 24 with E-Mail address, 22 with executive names. Free updates within one year are included in the purchase price, a preview file is available.

The last update of the list was published on January 3rd, 2024. 

Suitable for mailings: The list contains columns for formal salutation, title, and the first and last name of the management.

The list is a part of our list of the 700 largest multi family offices in Europe

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Multi Family Offices Liechtenstein Overview
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Location of Liechtenstein’s Multi Family Offices

Liechtenstein or the Principality of Liechtenstein as it is officially known is a small country and is surrounded by Switzerland. Most family offices are therefore located in the countries capital Vaduz.

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Liechtenstein’s Multi Family Offices

The German-speaking microstate in Alpine Central Europe is not only well-known for having one of the highests GDPs in the world. Liechtenstein is also an important financial center in Europe and attracts many HNWI from all over the world. Many wealthy entrepreneurial families are relying on multi family offices, which are pooling the assets of multiple families.

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+17 columns of valuable information

We build our lists to ensure optimal usability for our clients. There are three areas included: family office information, contact details and investment information. So we provide you with general e-mail addresses, phone numbers, excecutive names, type of family office (asset management / consulting / bank affiliated).

Interested, but you want to know more? Get a free preview file with exemplary entries.

You can directly download a preview file at the free multi family office list preview product page. In case of any remaining questions or if you want an individual preview file drop us a line via email or live chat.

Database Multi Family Offices Liechtenstein

Get Access to the most important Multi Family Offices from Liechtenstein

The Multi Family Offices in Liechtenstein are an important puzzle piece and a crucial actor in the financial industry in Europe. Tightly connected with the leading Swiss financial center they are highly demanded contacts for all types of interested parties. Here at we put in considerable effort to collect and compile the most relevant and important Multi Family Offices located in the principality of Liechtenstein. As known from our European Multi Family Office database, we place high value on a product which is easy to access. The list is always up to date and gets regularly updated. After your purchase you will receive an easy-to-use, sortable excel file. Many satisfied customers use our Liechtenstein list to reach out to financial partners crucial for their business success. Asset managers, fund managers, financial advisors, private bankers, consultants and a variety of other professions are happy users of our product.

The database of the most important Multi Family Offices Liechtenstein is structured as follows

  • Contact details (address; telephone number; e-mail address; management board)
  • Subdivision by focus (asset management; consulting in asset structuring; bank-related services)
  • Additional focus of MFOs, if applicable (real estate; private equity; yacht management etc.)

Principality of Liechtenstein: Portrait of the financial hub

What makes Liechtenstein special? According to their self-presentation, the financial industry accounts for 25% of the GDP of the country, making it an important place for any type of financial activities. In 2016 more than 230 billion Swiss francs in the worth of assets were managed in this tiny principality in the centre of the Alps. As home to 15 banks and nearly 700 private label funds, asset management is one of the strengths of this financial centre, which operates in Swiss francs. Apart from insurance companies, especially Multi Family Offices use the unrestricted access to the European financial markets via passporting, to manage and invest their client’s fortune most effectively. As constitutional monarchy stability, the security of the deposited assets is out of the question and makes it a perfect place for HNWIs to reach out for adequate asset management.

Wealth Management, Asset Management and Family Offices in Liechtenstein

In comparison to the greater hub in neighbouring Switzerland, Liechtenstein caters to an even more exclusive clientele, with the Multi Family Offices managing assets of the richest families worldwide. Our listed Multi Family Offices cater to families from the Middle East but also the growing Chinese business elite is a frequent customer of Liechtenstein’s financial services. The division of Multi Family Offices is threefold. One type is a branch of a private or traditional bank, serving exclusive and wealthy clients and is classified bank-related. The other two types are asset management and consulting. Asset managers make active decisions about where to invest the capital and assets that are entrusted to them. Consulting-based Multi Family Offices use their years of experience in investing and structuring assets to make useful recommendations for their clients, which reserve the right to make the final decision where to invest their fortune.

Family Offices in the surrounding states and the whole of Europe

Liechtenstein is important, but not the only player in the financial landscape of the European continent. covers all relevant players in Europe, and especially its financial centres. We are constantly extending and improving our lists and you are more than welcome to check out our lists about Single and Multi Family Offices in Benelux, the UK, Germany, Switzerland among many other countries.  With years of experience, gathering relevant data and contact information about the financial industry is our key strength. Do not hesitate to contact us for a preview at contact[at], we are more than willing to provide a sample.

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