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The Principal Asset Management AG is located in the Alpine microstate Liechtenstein and acts as an advisor to high net worth individuals and wealthy families in Europe. Following a holistic family office approach, the Multi Family Office does not only provide asset and investment monitoring services, but also supports its clients in everyday tasks and organizational matters that go far beyond the services that other family offices offer. Principal Asset Management describes itself as “continuous, credible, professional and serious”. The company’s team consists of experts in Portfolio Management, Asset Management and Private Equity/Private Debt. Further, a strong backoffice team as well as traditional family officers provide comprehensive assistance to the wealthy clients. Principal Asset Management is a perfect example for the financial center of Vaduz, where many top-notch wealth managers act as family officers for HNWI across Europe and the world.

Key facts about the Vaduz-based Multi Family Office Principal Asset Management AG

  • Focus: Asset Management Advisory
  • Offered Services: Portfolio Management, Investment Analysing and Consulting, Controlling and Reporting, Tax Planning, Asset Protection, Succession Planning, Managing of non-financial assets (real estate, business jets, yachts and works of art), General administrative and coordinative tasks
  • Location: Vaduz, Liechtenstein
  • Further Office: Zurich (Switzerland)
  • Executives: Heimo Quaderer, Simeon von Habsburg, Andreas Spalt, Doris Walser-Ritz, Cornelia Schreyer
  • Website:

Picture source: Henrique Ferreira

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