Agami is a Brussels based leading Multi Family Office for French-speaking Europe, which was founded in 2006 by Francois Simon and Laurent de Swarte. Both equipped with experience in banking and other family offices they understood how to manage the heritage of entrepreneur families or wealthy families most appropriate.  Apart from their main office in Brussels, Agami also serves clients in Paris, Lyon and even in Lisbon, Portugal. A team of over 30 experts takes care of all aspects surrounding wealth management, catering the individual needs. As a Multi Family Office they offer a broad range of services for their wealthy and distinguished clientele. They offer their services in structuring the wealth, giving advice on financial investments, help with the topic of succession planning, real estate, but offer even further services such as a private secretary if needed. At the request of clients, they also advise on charitable investments and philanthropy. Last but not least they are also active and do advise if their clients wish to make a private equity deal and buy a share of an unlisted company. Apart from their Multi Family Office, they also offer advisory specialized in real estate, demonstrating their strong dedication and expertise in that field of investments. Agami furthermore consults Small or Medium Enterprises to improve the management of their companies. They are sought after expert in the field of heritage management and had numerous appearances in the press and even television. One of their trademarks is the complete independence from any kind of bank, which gives them the best position to advise on the right investment decision.

Key facts about the Brussels based Multi Family Office Agami

  • Focus: Wealth Management, Real Estate, Investment
  • Offered Services: Wealth Planning, Financial Advisory, Succession Planning, Real Estate, Private Secretary, Philantrophy, Private Equity Advisory
  • Location: Brussels
  • Executives: Francois Simon, Lauren de Swarte
  • Branches: Lyon, Paris, Lisbon
  • Website:

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The Multi Family Office WITAM is one of France leading wealth managers for rich families. Currently, they manage over 400 million euros in assets of more than 150 families. Looking back on over more than 20 years of experience Witam was able to position itself as an important player in the French market. The services offered by Witam are very broad and depend very much on the need of each of their distinguished clients. Their methodology is based on Quantalys questionnaire to assess the adequate wealth management in accordance with the client’s preferences, risk appetite and strategy. Once families entrust Witam with the management of their assets, periodic reporting guarantees a complete overview of the relevant financial situation and informs about any eventualities. They group their offered services into five categories. In wealth planning, they offer asset structuring, tax optimization as well as succession planning for their clients. In the finance section, they cooperate with and own the portfolio manager WiseAm which is assigned to make investments into lucrative opportunities on behalf of Witam and their clients. Since 2014 they extended their portfolio by also offering all types of concierge services from the management of travels to family administration. Finally, they are an advisory firm for all investments regarding real estate and art, helping their clients to find an adequate asset to build up a sustainable wealth portfolio. They assist, depending on the wishes of their clients from sole advisory to the management of the whole buying process. Especially their knowledge and network into the art scene is distinguished and one of the assets of Witam.

Key facts about the Neuilly-sur-Seine (Paris) based Multi Family Office Witam

  • Focus: Wealth Management, Investment, Concierge and Advisory
  • Offered Services: Wealth Planning, Financial Advice, Private Family Services, Advice on Investments in Real Estate / Art
  • Location: Neuilly-sur-Seine (Paris), France
  • Executives: Benoist Lombard, Arnaud Perrin
  • Website:

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Torevell & Partners Wealth Management is one of the leading financial advisory firms in the north of England. Speaking of the UK, they are the only family office specialised to clients with an established wealth of more than 10 million pound sterling outside of London. The company was able to build up an exceptional reputation in the 22 years since their founding throughout UK and Europe. They have strong links and an extensive network in the North East but offer their services in the whole United Kingdom. Their mode of operation is active advisory management, giving their clients the final say, but providing all necessary information to make a well-informed choice. They are leading especially in the field of investment research, being able to make superior predictions through their direct access to relevant fund managers and an extensive team of analysts. Apart of their offered service in wealth management, they opened their Multi-Family Office in 2010, offering a variety of services for their distinguished clientele, such as Concierge Services, Advisory for Arts, Education or Philantrophy, Accounting and Legal Services as well as their strength the Investment Management of rich families. The founder Alan Torevell can look back on more than 40 years in the financial advisory industry. Apart from their professional expertise, they support various local charities around Manchester, returning and sharing their expertise and fortune with the local community. The volume of assets managed was more than 550 million pounds in 2017, being a key player in wealth management in the UK outside of London.

Key facts about the Manchester-based Multi Family Office Torevell & Partners Wealth Management

  • Focus: Wealth Management & Advisory
  • Offered Services: Investment Management, Retirement Planning, Succession planning, Concierge Services, Arts, Education and Philanthropy Advisory, Accounting and Legal Services
  • Location: Manchester, United Kingdom (UK)
  • Executives: Alan Torevell, Martyn Torevell
  • Website:

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Ariete Family Office was founded in 2009 by Keko Martinez, a former football player to cater to sport professionals, artists and other HNWI and manage effectively their family assets. By being a professional athlete himself he was very much able to understand the needs, questions and challenges high earning sport professional face to develop a sustainable financial planning in the short time period they get paid extensively until 35. The focus is to transfer the high income received into a long-term financial independence of the player and his family, helping his clients to understand and manage their assets. His team covers all aspects of the financial life of a sport HNWI. Financial Planning, Advisory, Real Estate, Private Equity, Tax Advisory domestically and international, Legal Advice among many other functions are part of their offered portfolio. Together with their clients they develop financial life plans catering to the respective needs of their wealthy clients and managing effectively their savings and investments. Represented players include Roberto Soldado who plays in Fenerbahce or César Navas who plays currently for Rubin Kasan in Russia. The focus is on managing assets of various athletes primarily in the first Spanish division, but also Spanish footballers playing in other European Clubs. The Ariete Family Office is a perfect example for a European wealth management and consulting firm that covers a niche with dedicated experiences. Ariete is part of our list of the largest multi family offices in Europe.

Key facts about the Barcelona-based Multi Family Office Ariete Family Office

  • Focus: Financial Advisory for athletes and artists
  • Offered Services: Financial Planning, Financial Advisory, Real Estate Advisory, Private Equity Advisory, Tax Advisory national and international, Legal Advisory, Prevention and Protection Advisory, Business Consulting, Family Shareholer Agreement and Second Generation Advisory, Life Plan Risk Control Advisory, Wealth Coaching and Good Cause and Charity Advisory
  • Location: Barcelona, Spain
  • Executives: Keko Martinez, Fernanda González
  • Website:


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The Principal Asset Management AG is located in the Alpine microstate Liechtenstein and acts as an advisor to high net worth individuals and wealthy families in Europe. Following a holistic family office approach, the Multi Family Office does not only provide asset and investment monitoring services, but also supports its clients in everyday tasks and organizational matters that go far beyond the services that other family offices offer. Principal Asset Management describes itself as “continuous, credible, professional and serious”. The company’s team consists of experts in Portfolio Management, Asset Management and Private Equity/Private Debt. Further, a strong backoffice team as well as traditional family officers provide comprehensive assistance to the wealthy clients. Principal Asset Management is a perfect example for the financial center of Vaduz, where many top-notch wealth managers act as family officers for HNWI across Europe and the world.

Key facts about the Vaduz-based Multi Family Office Principal Asset Management AG

  • Focus: Asset Management Advisory
  • Offered Services: Portfolio Management, Investment Analysing and Consulting, Controlling and Reporting, Tax Planning, Asset Protection, Succession Planning, Managing of non-financial assets (real estate, business jets, yachts and works of art), General administrative and coordinative tasks
  • Location: Vaduz, Liechtenstein
  • Further Office: Zurich (Switzerland)
  • Executives: Heimo Quaderer, Simeon von Habsburg, Andreas Spalt, Doris Walser-Ritz, Cornelia Schreyer
  • Website:

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Stanhope Capital is one of the most important and best-known Multi Family Offices in Europe. With more than USD 10bn Assets under Management, the investment company protects and increases the wealth of many European high net worth individuals (HNWI). Stanhope Capital is different to other Multi Family Offices in not only advising its clients in asset allocation or manager selection but also providing access to exclusive Private Equity, Real Estate and Private Credit investment opportunities. The family office is directly setting-up and managing funds such as the Stanhope Entrepreneurs Fund (SEF) and the German Real Estate Fund (GREF). What makes Stanhope Capital exceptional as well is the fact that they are operating in a socially and environmentally responsible manner – underlined by the fact that they are signatories of the UN Principles for Responsible Investments (UNPRI). Those are many reasons for personalities to trust Daniel Pinto and his experienced team.

Key facts about the London-based Multi Family Office Stanhope Capital

  • Focus: Asset & Wealth Management
  • Offered Services: Wealth Management, Consulting on Asset Allocation, Merchant Banking, Private Investments (Private Equity, Venture Capital, Real Estate)
  • Location: London, United Kingdom (UK)
  • Further Office: Geneva (Switzerland), Jersey (UK), Paris (France)
  • Executives: Daniel Pinto, Jonathan Bell, Ivo Coulson, Nicole Curti, John Baron
  • Website:

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The German multi family office Pamera Real Estate Partners is fully focused on Real Estate topics. The Munich MFO is divided in two main components: Investment Management and Portfolio & Asset Management. As investment manager, Pamera manages the acquisition of real estate properties and develops real estate portfolios. Further, the family office offer exclusive access to so-called “Club Deals” which allows a small amount of investors to jointly invest in specific properties or a small portfolio. As portfolio and asset manager, Pamera represents the owners of real estate during the holding phase. This includes tasks such as tenant and rental management, project development and renovations or commercial topics such as property valuation, reporting or cash flow optimization. The activities of Pamera Real Estate Partners are focused on A- and B-cities in Germany such as Berlin, Dresden, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne, Leipzig, Munich and Potsdam. Further, the focus is on residential and retail properties.

Key facts about the Munich-based Multi Family Office Pamera Real Estate Partners

  • Focus: Real Estate
  • Offered Services: Investment Management – Acquisition, Individual Direct Investments, Club Deals, Commercial Topics, Rental & Tenant Management, Development, Renovations, Refurbishment, Supervision & Facility Management, Sales Management
  • Location: Munich, Germany
  • Further Office: Frankfurt, Germany
  • Executives: Christoph Zapp, Karl Gross von Trockau
  • Website:

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The Global Management & Services S.A. (GMS+) was founded 1999 by Jean-Luc Jourdan in Luxembourg and has developed to one of the most important family offices in the small European country since then. The company is concerned with consulting and advisory tasks in order to preserve and growth the wealth of its clients. Many high net worth individuals (HNWI) trust GMS+ and its holistic family office approach and benefit from getting many relevant services from a single experienced source. A team of multilingual experts do not only assist in wealth-related topics but also provides assistance in personal matters. For instance, the so-called concierge service resolves administrative formalities such as mail or email handling and invoice tracking, procures any exotic, rarefied goods or services or arranges outstanding gifts and private events.

GMS+ is subject to Luxembourg’s stringent privacy laws like all family offices in this country. However, GMS+ goes a step further and assures the clients’ privacy by providing them with an in-house encrypted communication and management application. This demonstrates the seriousness which lies at the heart of the multi family office.

Key facts about the Luxembourg-based Multi Family Office GMS+

  • Focus: Consulting
  • Offered Services: Accounting, Corporate Structuring, Private Equity, Wealth Planning, Administration, Real Estate, Executive Concierge Services, Securisation & Fundraising, Trust & Fiduciary Services
  • Location: Luxembourg
  • Further Office: n.a.
  • Executive: Jean-Luc Jourdan
  • Website

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Sycomore Family Office was established 2014 in Paris, through the merger of Financière Margot, Sycomore Asset Management and Sycomore Corporate Finance. The company supervises assets of more than 1bn EUR for 20 wealthy families and takes care of multiple family office services. The experienced family officers are among the most renowned advisers for high net worth individuals in Paris and France as a whole. The internationally experienced staff is characterized by an entrepreneurial spirit and an exceptionally reliable way of working.

The Paris-based family office is not only active in asset management but handles several different tasks for the wealthy clients. Besides estate and tax planning, the experienced associates are also concerned with philantropic advisory, property management, cash flow management or everyday administrative tasks, just to name a few. Further, Sycomore Family Office uses its distinct network in order to select and recommend the best-in-class experts across a wide variety of professions.

Key facts about the Paris-based Multi Family Office Sycomore Family Office

  • Focus: Asset Management
  • Offered Services: Real Estate and Property Management, Corporate and Management Advisory, Domestic Staff Management, Search for top-notch Professionals (Laywers, Notaries, Bankers etc.), Tax and Social Planning, Cash Flow Management, Administrative Tasks, Philantropic Advisory
  • Location: Paris, France
  • Further Office: Luxembourg, Lyon
  • Executive: Sandrine Colas-Jacomme
  • Website

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Bruellan was established 1991 in Geneva and acts as an independent wealth management company since then. Over 25 employees help their customers increasing their assets with actively managed investment funds. The client mandates Bruellan to manage his/her assets through a strategy decided together. As a boutique sized company, Bruellan is able to deliver higher results by personal advice than larger asset managers. Bruellan also stands out because it decided to be monitored voluntarily by FINMA (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority) in order to demonstrate legal and trustworthy behavior. Besides asset and wealth management activities, Bruellan also offers family office services such as Tax Planning or Strategic Philantropic advisory. The multi-disciplinary team is able to optimally fulfill the clients’ wishes in various situations. The company’s CEO, Antoine Spillmann, is not only member of multiple corporate boards but also worked for leading investment banks in London for several years. As Vice President of the Swiss Association of Asset Managers (SAAM) he got to know the industry from different perspectives and has the optimal background in order to trustfully work with the money of high net worth individuals in Switzerland.

Key facts about the Geneva-based Multi Family Office Bruellan

  • Focus: Asset Management
  • Offered Services: Wealth Management, Legacy Planing, Household Management, Real Estate, Tax Planning, Business Structuring, Establish Swiss Residence, Strategic Philantropy
  • Location: Geneva, Switzerland
  • Further Offices: Lausanne, Crans-Montana, Verbier
  • Executive: Antoine Spillmann
  • Website

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