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Torevell & Partners Wealth Management is one of the leading financial advisory firms in the north of England. Speaking of the UK, they are the only family office specialised to clients with an established wealth of more than 10 million pound sterling outside of London. The company was able to build up an exceptional reputation in the 22 years since their founding throughout UK and Europe. They have strong links and an extensive network in the North East but offer their services in the whole United Kingdom. Their mode of operation is active advisory management, giving their clients the final say, but providing all necessary information to make a well-informed choice. They are leading especially in the field of investment research, being able to make superior predictions through their direct access to relevant fund managers and an extensive team of analysts. Apart of their offered service in wealth management, they opened their Multi-Family Office in 2010, offering a variety of services for their distinguished clientele, such as Concierge Services, Advisory for Arts, Education or Philantrophy, Accounting and Legal Services as well as their strength the Investment Management of rich families. The founder Alan Torevell can look back on more than 40 years in the financial advisory industry. Apart from their professional expertise, they support various local charities around Manchester, returning and sharing their expertise and fortune with the local community. The volume of assets managed was more than 550 million pounds in 2017, being a key player in wealth management in the UK outside of London.

Key facts about the Manchester-based Multi Family Office Torevell & Partners Wealth Management

  • Focus: Wealth Management & Advisory
  • Offered Services: Investment Management, Retirement Planning, Succession planning, Concierge Services, Arts, Education and Philanthropy Advisory, Accounting and Legal Services
  • Location: Manchester, United Kingdom (UK)
  • Executives: Alan Torevell, Martyn Torevell
  • Website:

Picture source: Michael D. Beckwith

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