Poutiainen Single Family Office Owned Company Receives Funding

Poutiainen Single Family Office Picosun

Kustaa Poutiainen is the CEO of Picosun, a Finnish technology company. Through his “Stephen Industries Oy” family office he is also the majority owner of Picosun, which manufactures equipment for so-called Atomic Layer Deposition. In a recent funding round, the company received €12M funding in order to accelerate growth.

Innovative technology needed for modern applications

Through Atomic Layer Deposition (short: ALD), thin-films can be created through “sequential use of a gas phase chemical processes”. ALD helps to manufacture semiconductor devices and other nanomaterials Picosun is a technology leader in the field: one of the ALD inventors, Dr. Tuomo Suntola, is a member of the company’s board of directors. Suntola “invented and patented the ALD method for industrial purposes in Finland in 1974”.   Amongst others, Picosun’s technology is used in for microelectromechanical systems, LEDs, optics, medical equipment or watches.  According to Picosun, turnover was over 26 million euros last year.

Accelerating growth and internationalization through venture capital investment

Through the recent €12M funding round, Picosun wants to accelerate growth and internationalization. According to the company, the market is growing by 30 percent per year. Investors include the CapMan Growth fund, Finnish Industry Investment Oy and angel investor group First Fellow Partners. CapMan is one of the most important Finnish investment firms with offices in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, UK, Luxembourg and Moscow. Other portfolio companies of CapMan include Touhula, Polystar or Arctic Security.  Stephen Industries Oy – the single family office of CEO Poutiainen – remains the largest investor after the investment round. Stephen Industries most important portfolio position is Picosun. The family office also has as stake in KP-Tekno Oy, a manufacturer of vacuum cleaners.


Picosun, 4.7.2019
Wikipedia, 4.7.2019
Stephen Industries Oy, 4.7.2019
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