Savio Kwan Single Family Office Participates in $131M Funding Round
Chinese smart-city tech startup Venturous Group has raised a $131M Series A funding round. Amongst the investors is the Chinese single family office of former Alibaba executive Savio Kwan. Venturous Group: Focus on urban technology Beijing-based Venturous Group calls itself the leading citytech group. It focuses on investments in "smart city infrastrucutre data-technology services companies".... Continue reading →
German Single Family Office Acquires Two Hotels In Munich
Especially through the global corona pandemic, hotel real estate markets are in upheaval. Now, the Israeli Fattal group sold two hotels in Munich to the German single family office HWS Immobilien- und Vermögensverwaltung of the German Schommartz brothers. HWS is a German single family office. Schommartz single family office as hotel investor The transaction includes... Continue reading →
Belgian Baert Single Family Office Invests in MobieTrain's €4M Funding Round
MobieTrain is a Genk-based, Belgian startup that offers a B2B microlearning platform. Now, the company has received a €4M investment. Amongst the investors is the Belgian single family office of the Baert family. MobieTrain: Microlearning for customer-centric companies The Belgian startup offers a "Mobile Microlearning Platform". Thereby, companies can educate and motivate their employees with... Continue reading →