Single Family Office from Taiwan Invests In Crypto Exchange Coinomo

Single Family Office from Taiwan Invests In Crypto Exhange Coinomo

The Southeast Asia crypto exchange Coinomo has recently announced a further funding round that was led by Vertex Ventures. Amongst the investors is also Turn Capital, the Taiwanese single family office of Joseph Phua, co-founder of 17LIVE.

Financing for Southeast-Asian crypto startup

The recent successful IPO of crypto exchange Coinbase has proved the immense growth and monetization potential of crypto markets. Coinomo runs the popular crypto exchange OMO. According to the company, it has more than 100,000 users by now. In the near future, Coinomo wants to launch its platform in Indonesia. Following, a launch in Singapore and Thailand is planned.

Joseph Phua Single Family Office from Taiwan: Active cryptocurrency investor

The funding round of the crypto startup was led by Vertex. Further investors include zVentures, Spartan Group and MetaCartel Ventures. Turn Capital, the single family office of Joseph Phua, is an existing investor in Coinomo and participated once again. Phua is the founder of 17LIVE, a popular live streaming app. The Taiwan single family office recently acquired block chain company Dapp Pocket which offers a decentralised finance (DeFi) wallet.

Source: Dealstreetasia, 30.06.2021
Picture source: Viktor Forgacs

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