Guillaume Pousaz Single Family Office Invests In Wayflyer’s $76M Series A

Guillaume Pousaz Single Family Office Invests In Wayflyers $76M Series A

Wayflyer is a platform that offers revenue-based financing to ecommerce firms. Now, the company raised a $76M Series A funding round. Amongst the investors is the Swiss single family office of Guillaume Pousaz.

Wayflyer: Revenue-based financing for ecommerce companies

Wayflyer is a Dublin-based startup that offers flexible funding options between $10K to $20M for ecommerce merchants. Thereby, it enables ecommerce firms to better cash flow management. The major Series A funding round was announced 14 months after launching its product, thereby leaving a mark in in Europe’s B2B fintech landscape. Currently, the firm has offices in Dublin, New York, London and Sydney. Recently, Wayflyer also opened a new US office in Georgia and hired with Jay Puentes an experienced US Director of Sales.

Guillaume Pousaz single family office as investor

The round was led by Left Lane Capital. Other investors include DST Global, QED Investors and Speedinvest. Another investor is Zinal Growth, the Swiss single family office of Guillaume Pousaz. Pousaz is a Swiss entrepreneur and founder of the successful payment platform

Source: Global Legal Chronicle, 30.06.2021
Picture source: Avery Evans

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