German car trading startup Auto1 is currently planning its IPO. Now, Sylvie Mutschler-von Specht, owner of the Mutschler Ventures single family office, is joining the supervisory board of Auto1.

Auto1 Group: German unicorn startup, planning IPO in Q1 2021

Auto1 was founded in 2012 by Christian Bertermann and Hakan Cok. The company offers a tech platform (called “”) for consumers to sell their cars hassle-free. Furthermore, it operates a wholesale platform for used cars with more than 60,000 participating professional dealers. Thereby, Auto1 pushed the used car wholesale market from offline to online markets. The platform reported approximately €3.5BN in revenues 2019 and more than 600,000 cars sold. In Q1 2021, an IPO at Frankfurt Stock Exchange is planned.

Mutschler Single Family Office as successful early-stage investor

Sylvie Mutschler-von Specht, who now joins Auto1’s supervisory board, was one of the first investors of Auto1 with her family office Mutschler Ventures. She invested already in 2012 in the Berlin-based startup. The Mutschler Ventures portfolio includes some additional gems like adyen (already IPOed payment provider), McMakler, or Watchmaster. Thereby, the Mutschler Ventures family office underlines the increasingly important role of family offices in Europe’s venture capital markets. The Mutschler family office is based in Baar, Switzerland.

Source (1): Handelsblatt, 22.01.2021
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Picture Source: Arvid Skywalker

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PCS Holding looks after the assets of Swiss billionaire Peter Spuhler, who was born in 1959 in Seville (ES) and spent his school years in Zurich after his family moved to Switzerland. From 1980 to 1986, Peter Spuhler studied business administration at the University of St. Gallen, while at the same time he began his career in the Swiss army. After an internship at the Union Bank of Switzerland, Peter Spuhler joined the operational management of Stadler Fahrzeuge AG (Stadler Rail) in Bussnang in 1987. After almost two years, he took over the company with 18 employees and CHF 4.5 million in sales. Over the years, Stadler Rail has developed from a local rail vehicle manufacturer into a competitive market player with a global presence, which today generates sales of more than CHF 3.2 billion with more than 12,000 employees. Furthermore, the stock exchange listing of Stadler Rail in April 2019 was one of the biggest milestones in the company’s history. After the turn of the millennium, Peter Spuhler started to get involved in other companies. In 2006, he became majority shareholder of the Swiss Aebi company and merged it with the German company Schmidt. Furthermore, Peter Spuhler, together with Michael Pieper, restructured the crisis-stricken company Rieter. From 2012 Peter Spuhler diversified his portfolio and added three leasing companies: Estonia Train Finance, Nordic Train Finance and Austrian Train Finance. In 2018 the portfolio was also strengthened in the locomotive sector by the establishment of the European Loc Pool with Bank Reichmuth as partner. All the different investments of Peter Spuhler are organized and led through PCS Holding. Almost all portfolio companies are active in industrial manufacturing and transport sectors, with the exception of three leasing companies charged with carrying out financing and leasing transactions in the field of rail vehicles in Switzerland and abroad, particularly in Scandinavia, Estonia and Austria.

Key facts about PCS Holding – The Peter Spuhler Single Family Office

  • Family: Peter Spuhler Family
  • Estimated wealth: 2.2 billion dollars
  • Location: Frauenfeld – Switzerland
  • Investment Focus: Private Equity – Holding of Companies
  • Notable Investments or Holdings: Autoneum, Stadler Rail
  • Website:
  • Executives: Oliver Streuli

Picture source: Armelle Danjour 

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The single family office of Swiss entrepreneur Ralph Winter, the W5 Group LLC, invests in a student housing property development near the University of Central Florida.

Student housing development project with 602 Bedrooms

The new property development project of the W5 Group is located near the University of Central Florida in Orlando at 12151 E Colonial Drive. The property development project is not related to the University of Central Florida. Comprising 602 bedrooms in 138 units in a cottage-style community, the project aims to offer high-end lifestyle amenities for students. A resort-style pool, a jumbotron, a golf simulator, a study lounge, and a fitness center belong to the project. The W5 Group family office teamed up with Landmark Properties for the development. The University of Central Florida is one of the largest U.S. universities with almost 70,000 students.

W5 Group: A Swiss single family office investing in the United States

Ralph Winter is a European real estate investor who founded Corestate Capital in 2006. Through his Swiss/American family office, the W5 Group LLC, Winter invests in Europe and the U.S. Also through Winter’s background in student housing, the investment focus of W5 lies on microliving, coliving, and hospitality.

Source: PRWeb, 03.10.2020
Picture Source: Lance Asper

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Private equity funds offer the opportunity to pool capital and thus achieve a broader spread of investments – geographically, in the industry and in risk factors. In recent years, private equity – direct investments in unlisted companies – has become one of the most sought-after asset classes of family offices. This is also due to the fact that the growth potential of companies in private equity funds is often high and thus a higher return can be expected than with equity funds. The following article presents three Swiss multi family offices that invest in private equity funds. This article is based on the unique List of the 150 largest Multi Family Offices in Switzerland.

  • Excel list of the 150 most important multi family offices in Switzerland
  • Useful information such as investment focus, investments, which families are in the background, estimated family wealth, etc.
  • Download of the Excel file valid indefinitely, free updates within one year after purchase, free preview file available
  • Database is perfect for identifying family offices and for partner and customer acquisition

Agenda Invest AG

Agenda Invest AG was founded in 2010 and offers its services to a narrow circle of wealthy families. These include services such as family governance, corporate finance & direct investment, asset management & investment advisory and private investment management. The Lugano-based company is distinguished by its particularly broad network – both in terms of its clients and in terms of cooperation with other family offices and expertise. Here co-managed Agenda Invest is a platform on which various private equity funds are available, from which the family office can offer its clients tailored investment solutions.

Black Oak Family Office SA

The Black Oak Family Office SA is based in Geneva and offers a wide range of services for wealthy families. From determining individual investment goals and risk tolerance, estate planning, retirement planning to tax and legal matters. One of the services offered is to assist clients in private equity investments – SA makes individual pre-selections and then develops suitable investment strategies together with the family. The focus of the Multi Family Office is on private equity in fund investments – here Black Oak also offers co-investments.

HELMS Family Office SA

HELMS Family Office SA is a Geneva multi-family office with five different lines of business: Family Office Services, Asset & Wealth Management and Fund and Corporate Finance Services. In Asset Management, the Multi Family Office offers various services related to private equity, with a particular focus on Europe, the Midwest and Asia. In addition to direct investments, HELMS Family Office also has investments in private equity funds in its portfolio.
Picture source: Unsplash

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The fundamental objective of (multi) family offices is to hold and increase wealth. Depending on risk aversion, desired margins and area of interest, there are a variety of investment opportunities. A large part of the private equity business is venture capital: temporary equity investments in young companies, mostly in the growth segment. Especially when investing in start-ups, venture capital investors not only invest, but often also provide advice. In the following, three Swiss multi-family offices that invest in start-ups and venture capital are presented. This article is based on the unique List of the 150 largest Multi Family Offices in Switzerland.

  • Articles based on database of the Top 150 Multi Family Offices in Switzerland
  • Including contact details (e-mail, telephone address, management) and focus (asset management, consulting, banking)
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Wille Finance AG

Wille Finance AG has entrepreneurship in its blood right from the start: in 2007 a group of founders and their families and friends founded the AG. Entrepreneurship is one of the three pillars on which the philosophy is built: trust, long-term thinking and entrepreneurship. The family office, based in Zurich and Baar, now has 18 employees and 28 portfolio companies. Early stage investments focus on Europe and life sciences as well as information and communication technology.

Winterberg Group AG

Winterberg Group AG was founded in 2011 by investment and strategy consultants. Meanwhile, the Multi Family Office has offices in Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Moscow and Johannesburg, with the head office in Zug. The AG has two investment strategies: majority investments in medium-sized companies and growth capital for start-ups. The company invests primarily in seed/series A financing rounds and places particular emphasis on exponential growth for portfolio companies. Geographically, the family office focuses on the USA, Europe and South Africa. Its sectoral preference is broadly diversified: Transport & Mobility, Internet of Things, Health and Fitness and Cyber Security are four of the total six sectors.

General Invest (Switzerland) AG

Mikro Kapital, which belongs to General Invest (Switzerland) AG, was founded in 2008 and focuses on impact investing and social responsibility. The company, which is represented in 15 countries, employs over 1700 people* with its portfolio companies and has 131 offices. The investments are made in Russia and along the Silk Road, always with the prerequisite that the respective micro-enterprises/start-ups have a high growth potential and a strong social orientation and impact.
Source: Listenchampion

Picture source: Unsplash

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Multi Family Offices are asset management companies of several entrepreneurial families who wish to hold and increase their assets. The merger of several families distinguishes Multi Family Offices from Single Family Offices, which often have more diversified portfolios and, above all, greater purchasing power. Many wealthy families like to invest their money in luxury items in addition to classic investment opportunities (real estate, shares, venture capital, etc.). In addition to boats or airplanes, the purchase and trade of art is in great demand. In the following article, three Swiss multi-family offices that are active in the art trade are presented. This article is based on the unique List of the 150 largest Multi Family Offices in Switzerland.

  • Articles based on database of the Top 150 Multi Family Offices in Switzerland
  • Including contact details (e-mail, telephone address, management) and focus (asset management, consulting, banking)
  • Direct download as Excel file via online store
  • Free preview file available on request
  • Database is perfect for identifying family offices and for partner and customer acquisition

Belvédère Asset Management AG

Belvédère Asset Management AG was founded by Thérèse Meier and describes itself as a “boutique with specialized expertise”. Art is one of its three business areas, alongside family office and asset management. Based in Glarus, Zurich and Päffikon, Belvédère Asset Management AG has been providing advice on all aspects of collection management since the company was founded in 2001. The AG offers services ranging from the purchase of works, curatorial expertise for the creation of a collection concept and work histories to appraisals, insurance, loans, transport and restoration.

Marcel Dosch Family Office

The Marcel Dosch Family Office, based in Maienfeld, is divided into five divisions: Support, Assets, Real Estate, Art and Life Cycle. Under the motto “Art is as individual as its beholder. Individuality is our strength”, the Family Office promises to find young and unknown artists together with its experts, in addition to classic works and artists*. The focus is on the motivation of the respective client, which is to be fulfilled through the broad networking of the family office.

Amendris AG

Amendris AG was already founded in 1987 and has a wide range of services: In addition to family office specific activities and asset management, the AG offers expertise in real estate, tax & law, investments in the capital market and in the art sector. As in the other areas, the Lucerne-based family office has a high level of expertise through the cooperation with internal and external experts regarding art (objects). Amendris distinguishes itself through individually tailored services, which also leave open the possibility of global art trading.Source: Listenchampion Picture source: Unsplash

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In the beginning of December 2019 Verium (a Zurich-based multi family office) announced an interesting investment: the company acquired shares of DSwiss, a provider of digital safes.

DSwiss: “Secure Digital Services”

DSwiss was launched in 2008. Today, the Zurich-based company employs 50 people. The company is led by Tobias Christen (CEO), Michael Tschannen (CTO) and John Schriber (CPO). The main product of DSwiss is a digital safe service for banks. Thereby, bank customers can protect important documents. Other products include digital mailboxes for bank documents or a digital exchange platform for financial advisors. Customers include UBS, Baloise or Basler Insurances. UBS’ “UBS Safe” initiative, for example, is based on DSwiss’ technology. DSwiss is already active in Switzerland, Germany, Benelux and Austria.

Zurich Multi Family Office gets largest shareholder

In the past, DSwiss received two funding rounds. A first funding round took place in 2012 with undisclosed investors, a second CHF 1.5M venture round in 2014 (led by Zühlke Ventures). Now, the Zurich based multi family office Verium invests an undisclosed amount in DSwiss. Through the new capital, further growth and internationalization will be fueled. The next countries for the planned expansion are Southern Europe and Scandinavia. Verium is one of the leading Swiss multi family offices with an active investment approach. Amongst others, Verium invests in real estate, infrastructure, private equity and venture capital. Marc Erni, Managing Partner at Verium, will move into the board of directors at DSwiss.

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Real estate prices in Munich were skyrocketing throughout the last years. Now, the Kässmeyer single family office took advantage of the bullish market environment and sold the “Leonardo” office buildings near the Munich airport to Sirius Real Estate.

Sirius Real Estate bought 16,900 sqm “Leonardo” office

The so-called “Leonardo” office campus – which was now acquired by Sirius Real Estate – has 16,900 sqm space. The building has substantial upside potential: so far, only 40% of the space is let. IMCON sold the object for the Kässmeyer single family office, Savills consulted both parties of the transaction. Sirius Real Estate is a leading operator and owner of business parks in Germany. The firm owns 1,582 million lettable square meteres with 4,829 tenants in 59 properties. Sirius mainly operates office parks, storage spaces and production sites and workshops.

Kässmeyer single family office as real estate investor

IMCON sold the “Leonardo” office buildings for the KCM Invest AG, a Zug-based investment firm belonging to the Kässmeyer single family office. Walter Käßmeyer (1928-2014) was a Munich real estate entrepreneur, who was mainly known for its support for Rudolph Moshammer, a German fashion designer.  The Käßmeyer family office owns many large-scale buildings in the Munich area.

Rohmert Medien, 6.12.2019
Natsuko D’Aprile, 6.12.2019

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Carvolution is a Swiss startup, offering car subscriptions for a fixed monthly price. In November 2019, the Swiss startup received a CHF 11 million funding round of notable investors. Amongst them is Armada Investment, the single family office of Daniel Aegerter.

Car subscription services are growing in Europe

Carvolution is active within a growing field: in different European countries, many different car subscription services launched in the past years. In Germany, for example, the Munich-based startup Cluno raised $28M in its Series B in February. Carvolution, Cluno and Co. are fueling a trend amongst younger generations of not owning a car. Instead, Carvolution’s customers can “subscribe” to the service and get access to a selected car. The subscription service includes insurance, repairs and more. Besides the monthly fee, only fuel has to be paid.

Series B raised from notable investors and Aegerter family office

For further growth, Carvolution just raised a CHF 11.25 Million Series B funding round. Investors include Swiss insurer Mobiliar, multi family office Redalpine (who leads the round) as well as Armada Investment. In the future, Mobiliar will act as a strategic partner. Armada Investment is the single family office of Daniel Aegerter, who successfully sold his B2B software company Tradex in 2000 for $5.6BN. Aegerter and his family office are active investors within the startup scene. Other notable investments of Armada are N26, Lilium Aviation or Vivino.

Punkt4, 26.11.19
Toine G, 26.11.19

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Preon Capital Partners is a major single family office from Geneva (Switzerland). On October 22, the investment firm announced that it acquired a 34% stake in Augustus Capital, a Spanish asset management firm which is managing the assets of an important Spanish businessman and his family.

Asset management firm for the Spanish Allierta Family

Augustus Capital is managing the Lierde Sicav, an equity fund which was set up to manage the wealth of the Allierta family. Cesar Allierta was the former president of the globally active telecommunications firm Telefonica. The Lierde fund has a broad investment focus, emphasizing investments in European companies. So far, the fund had an extraordinary average annual return in the amount of 15% (since its inception in 1994).

Joining forces with Geneva-based Preon single family office

Preon Capital Partners is the family office of Jari Ovaskainen, a successful Finnish entrepreneur. Ovaskainen sold his first company to Telefonica for €230M – which also might have played a role in acquiring a stake in Augustus Capital. In 2014, Ovaskainen invested in Advanced Accelerator Applications, which was acquired by Novartis in 2017 for €3.9B. Preon Capital Partners is also acting as an asset management firm with several active funds, amongst others investing in venture capital and stocks. By the investment in Augustus, Preon fuels its growth and secures access to new talents and strategic opportunities.

Preon Capital Partners, 25.10.2019
Daniela Turcanu, 25.10.2019

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