These 3 Swiss Multi Family Offices invest in start-ups and venture capital

These 3 Swiss Multi Family Offices invest in start-ups and venture capital

The fundamental objective of (multi) family offices is to hold and increase wealth. Depending on risk aversion, desired margins and area of interest, there are a variety of investment opportunities. A large part of the private equity business is venture capital: temporary equity investments in young companies, mostly in the growth segment. Especially when investing in start-ups, venture capital investors not only invest, but often also provide advice. In the following, three Swiss multi-family offices that invest in start-ups and venture capital are presented. This article is based on the unique List of the 150 largest Multi Family Offices in Switzerland.

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Wille Finance AG

Wille Finance AG has entrepreneurship in its blood right from the start: in 2007 a group of founders and their families and friends founded the AG. Entrepreneurship is one of the three pillars on which the philosophy is built: trust, long-term thinking and entrepreneurship. The family office, based in Zurich and Baar, now has 18 employees and 28 portfolio companies. Early stage investments focus on Europe and life sciences as well as information and communication technology.

Winterberg Group AG

Winterberg Group AG was founded in 2011 by investment and strategy consultants. Meanwhile, the Multi Family Office has offices in Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Moscow and Johannesburg, with the head office in Zug. The AG has two investment strategies: majority investments in medium-sized companies and growth capital for start-ups. The company invests primarily in seed/series A financing rounds and places particular emphasis on exponential growth for portfolio companies. Geographically, the family office focuses on the USA, Europe and South Africa. Its sectoral preference is broadly diversified: Transport & Mobility, Internet of Things, Health and Fitness and Cyber Security are four of the total six sectors.

General Invest (Switzerland) AG

Mikro Kapital, which belongs to General Invest (Switzerland) AG, was founded in 2008 and focuses on impact investing and social responsibility. The company, which is represented in 15 countries, employs over 1700 people* with its portfolio companies and has 131 offices. The investments are made in Russia and along the Silk Road, always with the prerequisite that the respective micro-enterprises/start-ups have a high growth potential and a strong social orientation and impact.
Source: Listenchampion

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