Private equity funds offer the opportunity to pool capital and thus achieve a broader spread of investments – geographically, in the industry and in risk factors. In recent years, private equity – direct investments in unlisted companies – has become one of the most sought-after asset classes of family offices. This is also due to the fact that the growth potential of companies in private equity funds is often high and thus a higher return can be expected than with equity funds. The following article presents three Swiss multi family offices that invest in private equity funds. This article is based on the unique List of the 150 largest Multi Family Offices in Switzerland.

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Agenda Invest AG

Agenda Invest AG was founded in 2010 and offers its services to a narrow circle of wealthy families. These include services such as family governance, corporate finance & direct investment, asset management & investment advisory and private investment management. The Lugano-based company is distinguished by its particularly broad network – both in terms of its clients and in terms of cooperation with other family offices and expertise. Here co-managed Agenda Invest is a platform on which various private equity funds are available, from which the family office can offer its clients tailored investment solutions.

Black Oak Family Office SA

The Black Oak Family Office SA is based in Geneva and offers a wide range of services for wealthy families. From determining individual investment goals and risk tolerance, estate planning, retirement planning to tax and legal matters. One of the services offered is to assist clients in private equity investments – SA makes individual pre-selections and then develops suitable investment strategies together with the family. The focus of the Multi Family Office is on private equity in fund investments – here Black Oak also offers co-investments.

HELMS Family Office SA

HELMS Family Office SA is a Geneva multi-family office with five different lines of business: Family Office Services, Asset & Wealth Management and Fund and Corporate Finance Services. In Asset Management, the Multi Family Office offers various services related to private equity, with a particular focus on Europe, the Midwest and Asia. In addition to direct investments, HELMS Family Office also has investments in private equity funds in its portfolio.
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The fundamental objective of (multi) family offices is to hold and increase wealth. Depending on risk aversion, desired margins and area of interest, there are a variety of investment opportunities. A large part of the private equity business is venture capital: temporary equity investments in young companies, mostly in the growth segment. Especially when investing in start-ups, venture capital investors not only invest, but often also provide advice. In the following, three Swiss multi-family offices that invest in start-ups and venture capital are presented. This article is based on the unique List of the 150 largest Multi Family Offices in Switzerland.

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Wille Finance AG

Wille Finance AG has entrepreneurship in its blood right from the start: in 2007 a group of founders and their families and friends founded the AG. Entrepreneurship is one of the three pillars on which the philosophy is built: trust, long-term thinking and entrepreneurship. The family office, based in Zurich and Baar, now has 18 employees and 28 portfolio companies. Early stage investments focus on Europe and life sciences as well as information and communication technology.

Winterberg Group AG

Winterberg Group AG was founded in 2011 by investment and strategy consultants. Meanwhile, the Multi Family Office has offices in Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Moscow and Johannesburg, with the head office in Zug. The AG has two investment strategies: majority investments in medium-sized companies and growth capital for start-ups. The company invests primarily in seed/series A financing rounds and places particular emphasis on exponential growth for portfolio companies. Geographically, the family office focuses on the USA, Europe and South Africa. Its sectoral preference is broadly diversified: Transport & Mobility, Internet of Things, Health and Fitness and Cyber Security are four of the total six sectors.

General Invest (Switzerland) AG

Mikro Kapital, which belongs to General Invest (Switzerland) AG, was founded in 2008 and focuses on impact investing and social responsibility. The company, which is represented in 15 countries, employs over 1700 people* with its portfolio companies and has 131 offices. The investments are made in Russia and along the Silk Road, always with the prerequisite that the respective micro-enterprises/start-ups have a high growth potential and a strong social orientation and impact.
Source: Listenchampion

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Multi Family Offices are asset management companies of several entrepreneurial families who wish to hold and increase their assets. The merger of several families distinguishes Multi Family Offices from Single Family Offices, which often have more diversified portfolios and, above all, greater purchasing power. Many wealthy families like to invest their money in luxury items in addition to classic investment opportunities (real estate, shares, venture capital, etc.). In addition to boats or airplanes, the purchase and trade of art is in great demand. In the following article, three Swiss multi-family offices that are active in the art trade are presented. This article is based on the unique List of the 150 largest Multi Family Offices in Switzerland.

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Belvédère Asset Management AG

Belvédère Asset Management AG was founded by Thérèse Meier and describes itself as a “boutique with specialized expertise”. Art is one of its three business areas, alongside family office and asset management. Based in Glarus, Zurich and Päffikon, Belvédère Asset Management AG has been providing advice on all aspects of collection management since the company was founded in 2001. The AG offers services ranging from the purchase of works, curatorial expertise for the creation of a collection concept and work histories to appraisals, insurance, loans, transport and restoration.

Marcel Dosch Family Office

The Marcel Dosch Family Office, based in Maienfeld, is divided into five divisions: Support, Assets, Real Estate, Art and Life Cycle. Under the motto “Art is as individual as its beholder. Individuality is our strength”, the Family Office promises to find young and unknown artists together with its experts, in addition to classic works and artists*. The focus is on the motivation of the respective client, which is to be fulfilled through the broad networking of the family office.

Amendris AG

Amendris AG was already founded in 1987 and has a wide range of services: In addition to family office specific activities and asset management, the AG offers expertise in real estate, tax & law, investments in the capital market and in the art sector. As in the other areas, the Lucerne-based family office has a high level of expertise through the cooperation with internal and external experts regarding art (objects). Amendris distinguishes itself through individually tailored services, which also leave open the possibility of global art trading.Source: Listenchampion Picture source: Unsplash

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A Multi Family Office is an asset manager that offers its services to a majority of particularly wealthy families, single family offices and private individuals. Only a few Multi Family Offices, like Cologne-based Dereco, have focused entirely on real estate investments. In this area Dereco is one of the most active German real estate multi family offices. Buying, developing and profitably reselling real estate – this is the business model that has been successfully operated since 1993. This is also reflected in Dereco’s 2019/20 activities. Here are some selected examples: This article is based on the unique List of the 150 largest Multi Family Offices in Switzerland.

  • Excel list of the 150 most important multi family offices in Switzerland
  • Including contact details (e-mail, telephone address, management) and focus (asset management, consulting, banking)
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Together with the Hamburg investor and project developer REVITALIS REAL ESTATE AG, the foundation stone for the HAMPTON BY HILTON in Kiel was laid last year. A premium economy hotel is being built on an area of 2,700 square metres in the vicinity of the Sparkassen-Arena Kiel. The hotel with a gross floor area of 8,000 square metres will have 208 rooms. Completion is scheduled for the end of 2020.

At almost the same time, a 5,500 square meter property in Saarbrücken was acquired together with NORSK Deutschland AG. A complex with 200 student and micro-apartments is to be built here by mid 2021 – a total of seven buildings with a gross floor area of 11,700 square meters and 95 underground parking spaces.

In autumn 2019, a building was acquired in Hamburg in the immediate vicinity of Hamburg City Hall. The property in a central location with a good 1,750 square metres of rental space is to be “upgraded” through targeted investments and fits into Dereco’s Value Add strategy.

One of the most recent activities is a project development in Berlin-Neukölln announced in June 2020. Here Dereco has joined forces with the Berlin-based KLINGSÖHR Group of companies. The “Sonneninsel” quarter development is planned directly at the Sonnenallee S-Bahn station. Several buildings with about 35,000 square meters of office and commercial space will be erected on an already acquired site over the next few years. The whole thing is to have campus character. The project volume is estimated at around 250 million.

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In the beginning of December 2019 Verium (a Zurich-based multi family office) announced an interesting investment: the company acquired shares of DSwiss, a provider of digital safes.

DSwiss: “Secure Digital Services”

DSwiss was launched in 2008. Today, the Zurich-based company employs 50 people. The company is led by Tobias Christen (CEO), Michael Tschannen (CTO) and John Schriber (CPO). The main product of DSwiss is a digital safe service for banks. Thereby, bank customers can protect important documents. Other products include digital mailboxes for bank documents or a digital exchange platform for financial advisors. Customers include UBS, Baloise or Basler Insurances. UBS’ “UBS Safe” initiative, for example, is based on DSwiss’ technology. DSwiss is already active in Switzerland, Germany, Benelux and Austria.

Zurich Multi Family Office gets largest shareholder

In the past, DSwiss received two funding rounds. A first funding round took place in 2012 with undisclosed investors, a second CHF 1.5M venture round in 2014 (led by Zühlke Ventures). Now, the Zurich based multi family office Verium invests an undisclosed amount in DSwiss. Through the new capital, further growth and internationalization will be fueled. The next countries for the planned expansion are Southern Europe and Scandinavia. Verium is one of the leading Swiss multi family offices with an active investment approach. Amongst others, Verium invests in real estate, infrastructure, private equity and venture capital. Marc Erni, Managing Partner at Verium, will move into the board of directors at DSwiss.

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Tilad, a Dubai-based multi family office focused on real estate investments, sold the “Atrium Charlottenburg” for €160M to Hines. We give background details on the transaction.

Office building in Berlin-Charlottenburg

The “Atrium Charlottenburg” is an office building in Berlin with 40,000 sqm lettable area. The property is located in Western-Berlin, close to the train station Berlin-Willmersdorf. Tenants include the city of Berlin, a job center and the “Fraunhofer Institut”. The building which was completed in 1995 is fully let.

Dubai-based Multi Family Office sells to real estate investment firm Hines

In 2014, Société Général Immobel sold the object to the Dubai-based multi family office Tilad. Tilad is investing directly in real estate across North Amerika, UK and continental Europe. Besides that, Tilad is also actively investing in externally managed real estate and private equity funds (buyout, growth, venture capital, opportunistic). Now, the “Atrium Charlottenburg” was aquired by the “Hines European Value Fund”. For the HEV fund it is the first office transaction in Berlin, and the seventh in total since its inception in 2017.

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Danil Sorokin, 8.11.2019

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GEENEE is a Berlin-based software company that enables portable devices to see and understand their environment through “lightweight and robust image and video recognition”. Now, the venture capital focused multi family office IDI Group invested in the company’s $7M seed funding round. If you’re looking for more family offices in the U.S. consider our list of single family offices in the United States.

Image recognition for brands

The Berlin-based startup offers its services through a web-based platform, enabling “contextual content at the moment of inspiration, from ticket sales and film trailers to augmented reality stories and storefronts”. GEENEE’s product portfolio consists of the core platform which is accessible through an API, a mobile action toolkit and an AR toolkit. Through the services, brands can create new ways of interaction with customers in stores. The company is led by Sandro Christen (CEO), Alex Goldberg (CTO) and Sturgi Adams (CCO).

Funding round by IDI multi family office

The recent $7M seed funding round was led by IDI Group. IDI is a New York based multi family office investment platform for several wealthy families. Other investments of IDI include Snapbac (compression-based garments for sports training), Spinn (bean-to-cup coffee maker), UrVenue (enteprise software for managing hospitality venues) and EBY (undergarments as a subscription service). GEENEE intends to raise a further Seed+ round in the upcoming months.

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Swiss news portal recently reported about the launch of a new multi family office in Basel: Ex-private-banker Mathis Büttiker is the founder of the new “BTK21” family office.

Foundation of new multi family office follows La Roche-Notenstein acquisition

In 2018, Swiss bank Vontobel acquired private bank La Roche-Notenstein for CHF 700M. At this point, the private bank had CHF 16BN assets under management. Three partners of La-Roche were hired by the Basel-based bank E. Gutzwiller. Mathis Büttiker – another partner and shareholder – is now working on the launch of his own multi family office “BTK21”. The name BTK is based on Büttiker’s name. The new multi family office with just a few employees will be focused on law, tax and wealth consulting for high net worth families.

First customers for Basel-based “BTK21”

Büttiker already managed to acquire the first customers through his own network. The new family office will be targeting entrepreneurial families from the Basel area. The ex-private banker calls himself as “Consigliere”. It means that he and his firm want to serve as independent advisor for wealthy families. Büttiker wants to fully launch the new family office in 2020. So far, the company is already registered as BTK21 AG, but – for example – the website is still under construction. BTK will complement other already existing family offices in Basel, like Univest or ATAG.

Sources, 21.10.2019
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Rockefeller Capital is a HNWI investment firm and multi family office founded in 2018 with $18B assets under management. It arose from Rockefeller & Co., the mighty Rockefeller multi family office. Now, Rockefeller Capital is expanding its business: through the acquisition of Financial Clarity Inc., a Silicon Valley multi family office with $2.3B assets under management, the firm bolsters its position on the west coast. If you’re looking for more family offices in the U.S. consider our list of single family offices in the United States.

Financial Clarity –  A family office for the Silicon Valley elite

The now acquired Financial Clarity Inc was founded by Stanford Young in 1992. Before launching Financial Clarity, young worked as a senior executive for an investment bank in Palo Alto and as a trader for Philadelphia Life Insurance Company. It is open to investors with a net worth above $30M, often entrepreneurs and tech executives. For its customers, Financial Clarity manages their wealth and invests in various asset classes. From fixed income and equity to hedge funds, real estate, energy and private equity.

Growing Assets under Management at Rockefeller Capital

The acquisition comes in line with Rockefeller Capital’s expansion strategy. The firm led by Greg Fleming has previously opened offices in L.A. and San Francisco earlier this year. While Rockefeller Capital started with $18B AUM in 2018, the company is expected to reach $36B AUM this year. The newly won 35 family clients from Financial Clarity will help to achieve this. Furthermore, Rockefeller wants to build on Young’s Silicon Valley network. Young will work for Rockefeller Capital as Managing Director in the future.

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In the past, the research team of has published numerous articles on the importance of single and multi family offices. The family-related asset managers offer the possibility of an investment strategy tailored to personal needs. In addition, family offices provide numerous services that relieve tedious work and provide security. These include risk analysis, legal and tax advice as well as support with administrative tasks. However, when we had a deeper look at “usual” asset managers in Europe, we noticed an interesting development in this context. More and more classic asset managers are providing family office services as well and are more and more focusing on these services. In the following article we would like to take a closer look at this development and examine possible explanations. The core question is: Are asset managers the new Multi Family Offices?

Wealthy families are no longer exclusively supported by private banks

A general trend is the gradual departure of very wealthy customers from private banks. This phenomenon has been observed for a number of years and is one of the causes of the disappearance of some long-established financial institutions in recent years. This applies to Germany and many other countries such as Switzerland, which for many years was regarded as the most important market for private banks in Europe. But why do High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) rely less on the banks with which they have always had close ties? The main reason lies in the way private banks can respond to their clients’ personal needs. The larger a bank becomes, the more difficult it becomes to provide close support. Some asset managers and (multi) family offices are “better positioned” in this regard. Another reason is the relatively restricted investment focus of private banks. In alternative asset classes such as real estate or private equity, some banks’ wealth management departments have only been able to provide moderate assistance in the past. Some family offices and asset managers are in a much better position here. It is not uncommon for proven real estate professionals to work in these offices, scoring points with real expertise and valuable contacts. The focus of asset management on family office services is thus first and foremost based on the clientele, some of whom are becoming much wealthier and attach importance to truly individual support.

Asset management companies discover new sales potential and expand their offering

The services of (Multi) Family Offices are a useful addition to traditional asset management. It is therefore only logical that more and more asset managers are opening up new sources of income by offering exclusive services for HNWIs. A wide range of possible remuneration models can be used to ensure ongoing and regular income. This planning capability is of great importance in any industry and provides a certain amount of leeway. Asset managers with integrated family office services attract new clients and increase their attractiveness at the market. In this way, (multi) family office services can be evaluated as a differentiating feature. It should be noted here that some asset managers offer family office services without explicitly advertising them. It is well known that secrecy is everything in the environment of financial professionals.

Many Multi Family Offices have emerged from an asset management business

Finally, the question arises as to whether the observed phenomenon is at all a new trend. Have asset managers not always expanded their range of services? Have family office services always been the logical next step for growing asset managers? The short answer to this question is: yes. In fact, many multi-family offices in Europe have emerged from asset management. The focus on a particularly wealthy clientele has always been attractive. However, in recent months and years more and more asset managers seem to be focusing on very wealthy families and private individuals. The research team of will continue to keep a close eye on the industry in Switzerland, Germany, France and Europe as a whole to keep you informed.

Picture source: Allie Smith

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