Rockefeller Capital Acquires $2.3B AUM Silicon Valley Multi Family Office

rockefeller capital acquires silicon valley multi family office

Rockefeller Capital is a HNWI investment firm and multi family office founded in 2018 with $18B assets under management. It arose from Rockefeller & Co., the mighty Rockefeller multi family office. Now, Rockefeller Capital is expanding its business: through the acquisition of Financial Clarity Inc., a Silicon Valley multi family office with $2.3B assets under management, the firm bolsters its position on the west coast. If you’re looking for more family offices in the U.S. consider our list of single family offices in the United States.

Financial Clarity –  A family office for the Silicon Valley elite

The now acquired Financial Clarity Inc was founded by Stanford Young in 1992. Before launching Financial Clarity, young worked as a senior executive for an investment bank in Palo Alto and as a trader for Philadelphia Life Insurance Company. It is open to investors with a net worth above $30M, often entrepreneurs and tech executives. For its customers, Financial Clarity manages their wealth and invests in various asset classes. From fixed income and equity to hedge funds, real estate, energy and private equity.

Growing Assets under Management at Rockefeller Capital

The acquisition comes in line with Rockefeller Capital’s expansion strategy. The firm led by Greg Fleming has previously opened offices in L.A. and San Francisco earlier this year. While Rockefeller Capital started with $18B AUM in 2018, the company is expected to reach $36B AUM this year. The newly won 35 family clients from Financial Clarity will help to achieve this. Furthermore, Rockefeller wants to build on Young’s Silicon Valley network. Young will work for Rockefeller Capital as Managing Director in the future.

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