These 3 Swiss Multi Family Offices invest in private equity funds

These 3 Swiss Multi Family Offices invest in private equity funds:

Private equity funds offer the opportunity to pool capital and thus achieve a broader spread of investments – geographically, in the industry and in risk factors. In recent years, private equity – direct investments in unlisted companies – has become one of the most sought-after asset classes of family offices. This is also due to the fact that the growth potential of companies in private equity funds is often high and thus a higher return can be expected than with equity funds. The following article presents three Swiss multi family offices that invest in private equity funds. This article is based on the unique List of the 150 largest Multi Family Offices in Switzerland.

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Agenda Invest AG

Agenda Invest AG was founded in 2010 and offers its services to a narrow circle of wealthy families. These include services such as family governance, corporate finance & direct investment, asset management & investment advisory and private investment management. The Lugano-based company is distinguished by its particularly broad network – both in terms of its clients and in terms of cooperation with other family offices and expertise. Here co-managed Agenda Invest is a platform on which various private equity funds are available, from which the family office can offer its clients tailored investment solutions.

Black Oak Family Office SA

The Black Oak Family Office SA is based in Geneva and offers a wide range of services for wealthy families. From determining individual investment goals and risk tolerance, estate planning, retirement planning to tax and legal matters. One of the services offered is to assist clients in private equity investments – SA makes individual pre-selections and then develops suitable investment strategies together with the family. The focus of the Multi Family Office is on private equity in fund investments – here Black Oak also offers co-investments.

HELMS Family Office SA

HELMS Family Office SA is a Geneva multi-family office with five different lines of business: Family Office Services, Asset & Wealth Management and Fund and Corporate Finance Services. In Asset Management, the Multi Family Office offers various services related to private equity, with a particular focus on Europe, the Midwest and Asia. In addition to direct investments, HELMS Family Office also has investments in private equity funds in its portfolio.
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