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Multi Family Offices Paris

Multi Family Offices play an important role when it comes to the management of huge assets. Due to low interest rates on the market, wealthy individuals have to look for alternative investment forms to gain higher returns on their assets. Multi Family Offices help wealthy families to find those alternatives and invest their capital in a profitable way. Paris is one of the most important financial centres in the world. Promoted and supported by Emmanual Macron, it aims to replace London as Europe’s leading financial metropolis. It is not only the banking sector which is substantial here, but also the asset management. In the following article we present three important French multi-family offices located in the capital on the Seine.

#1: Fideas Multi Family Office – Asset management for more than 500 Mio. EUR

Fideas is a Paris-based Multi Family Office with more than 500 million euros under management. They usually invest in fonds based on a quantitative analysis, depending on the risk tolerance of the investors. Fideas has its own research department and a cooperation with the Louis Bachelier Institute, one of France’s leading institutions for financial and economic research. That serves as a good basis for such a quantitatively focused strategy. The team covers economists and professors who are experts in the field of modeling financial products and funds. That enables the company to use automatic investment processes as well.

The management of the funds is supported and, if necessary, adjusted by the expertise of the management. Fideas is currently managing five main funds with both a global focus and a strong European focus. The funds are categorized into three risk groups with lower, medium and higher risks. In general, Fideas’ investment strategy is based on risk minimization.

A major concern of the company is the environment. Fideas has established the Smart for Climate Fund last year. The fund invests in companies that have low CO2 emissions in their industry while maintaining the same performance. According to the corporate philosophy, a change towards a more sustainable, emission-free economy has to be targeted.

#2: Witam Multi Family Office – Asset management for 150 French families

The Multi Family Office WITAM is one of the leading French asset managers for wealthy families. They are currently managing assets higher than 400 million euros for more than 150 families. With more than 20 years of experience, Witam has become an important player in the French market. Their services are very diversified and do strongly depend on the clients’ needs. Their investment strategy is based on the Quantalys questionnaire to determine the appropriate asset management according to the client’s preferences and risk tolerance. Once families have entrusted Witam with the management of their assets, periodic reporting guarantees a comprehensive overview of their financial situation and all contingencies.

Witam offers fnancial services in different areas. In wealth planning, they offer wealth structuring, tax optimisation and succession planning for their clients. In the financial area, they cooperate with the portfolio manager WiseAm, which is commissioned by Witam to invest in attractive investment opportunities. Since 2014, they have expanded their portfolio to include all types of concierge services from travel management to family administration.

Additionally, Witam is a consulting firm for real estate and art investments supporting its clients in finding the right assets to build a sustainable asset portfolio. According to the clients’ desires they offer assistance from the individual consultation up to the control of the entire purchase process. The strong knowledge and huge network in the art scene is highlighted as one of Witam’s unique selling points.

#3: Sycomore Multi Family Office – established by leading asset managers based in Paris

The Paris based Sycomore Family Office was established in 2014 by a merger of Financière Margot, Sycomore Asset Management and Sycomore Corporate Finance. The company manages assets of more than EUR 1 billion for 20 wealthy families. The experienced investment advisors are among the most renowned financial experts for wealthy private clients in Paris and France. The internationally experienced employees are characterized by entrepreneurial spirit and an exceptionally reliable way of working.

The Paris Family Office is not only active in asset management, but also offers various activities for its wealthy clients. In addition to estate and tax planning, the experienced staff also advise on charity issues, real estate management, cash flow management and day-to-day administrative tasks. In addition, Sycomore Family Office uses its extensive network to select and recommend the best experts in a variety of professions.

Recent investments include Walt Disney, a Canadian bank, an American bank, and Thermo Fisher. Thermo Fisher is an American technology company with a strong focus on the production of measure instruments in the science sector. Additionally, Sycomore holds stakes in companies such as Salesforce and Ferrari. In terms of charity and shared value, they have established a fund for investments in companies that add social value through their activities. Thereby Sycomore is supporting a positive economic and social development.

Picture Source: Bruno Abatti

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