list multi family offices london uk
London is a vivid financial hub and business centre in Europe. Substantial trade volume of the global stock markets is dealt with through the London Stock Exchange, major banks like HSBC or Bank of England have their headquarter in UK's capital. Also 26 of the 30 most important British multi family offices are located in... Continue reading →
Multi Family Office Services
Multi Family Offices are not only offering Asset Management and Wealth Management services, as we saw when analyzing more than 400 MFOs in Europe. We put together the most important and common offerings of European family offices and divide the list into financial and non-financial family office services. Financial Family Office Services #1: Asset Management... Continue reading →
list of multi family offices luxembourg
Private Banking and wealth management is one of the key industries in the small European country Luxembourg. In 2017, private banks were managing more than €360.7B. Key players in the country's financial landscape are various multi family offices. We are introducing you to three interesting players. #1: Stonehage Fleming Multi Family Office Stonehage Fleming has its... Continue reading →
lists of multi family offices in paris
Paris is France's capital and one of the most important European financial hubs. The city is home to 28 of in total more than 400 European Multi Family Offices. Paris also hosts many major banks like Crédit Agricole or BNP Paribas. We are introducing you to three interesting French multi family offices from Paris. #1: Sycomore... Continue reading →