Three Multi Family Offices Which Are Important Private Equity Investors

Multi Family Offices Europe Private Equity

Multi Family Offices are only superficially advising wealthy clients and mainly support with administrative tasks? This prejudice does not hold true as the following examples of family offices investing in Private Equity show.

#1: HQ Trust (Germany)

HQ Trust is the Multi Family Office of the Bad Homburg-based Harald Quandt family. One important pillar of the family office is the access to alternative investments such as private equity, hedgefunds, real estate or private debt. Hence, Private Equity builds a cruical part in the asset structuring of the leading German Multi Family Office.

#2: Stanhope Capital (UK)

With USD 10bn Assets under Management, Stanhope Capital is a true heavyweight in the European investment scene. The UK-based Multi Family Office is well-known for its funds covering niche strategies in multiple areas. Like this, Stanhope Capital is active as a Private Equity investor providing growth and development capital as well as buy-out solutions. The experienced wealth manager diversifies by strategy and region.

#3: CIGP (Switzerland)

The Geneva-based Multi Family Office CIGP is one of the most relevant MFOs in Switzerland. Besides private wealth and asset management services and corporate finance advisory the company also offers alternative investment solutions. The family office brings in distinct private equity experience, “providing its clients direct investment or co-investment opportunities as well as secondary investment opportunities through special purpose vehicles and investment funds”.

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