Three Single Family Offices Which Are Investing In Private Equity

single family offices investing in private equity

More and more single offices are heading into private equity. A good example for the various possible deal types of single family offices in the private equity landscape is the HQ Capital multi family office, based on the wealth of the Quandt family: Investments through PE funds (HQ invests in 469 different funds of 231 fund managers), direct investments (HQ invests directly through HQ Equita; the portfolio consists of mid-sized companies like r2p or The Packaging Group) and co-investments. In this article, we introduce you to three different, interesting single family offices which are active in the private equity sphere.

#1: HB Capital, Blokker Family, Netherlands

The Dutch Blokker family made their fortune through the Blokker Holding, a group of retail companies with almost 3000 stores in Europe. Besides Private Equity, the Blokker family office is also investing in real estate and financial products. HB’s investment strategy is focused on stable, mid-sized companies which are profitable and based in the Netherlands. Investments of at least €10M are done in companies valued between €50-250. Portfolio companies include the engineering company IV-Groep or Agendia Inc., a diagnostic service provider for cancer patients.

#2: Baltisse, Balcaen Family, Belgium

Baltisse, the family office of Filip Balcaen, balances its portfolio between direct and indirect PE investments. The single family office from Belgium wants to leverage its knowledge and industrial background when investing in companies. Like for HB, the investment criteria are quiet clear: market leaders in industrial markets, food & beverage, health care energy and services. Relevant companies should either have “healthy margins”, growth potential or be consolidation candidates. Per deal, the family office invests €10-50M. Portfolio companies include Origis Energy, Fagron or Stevia One.

#3: Syngroh Capital, Frohe Family, Germany

Syngroh Capital is the family office for the German Grohe family which just dived into the private equity world last year through its first investment. Like Baltisse, Syngroh wants to combine its experience from the family company Hansgrohe with its long-term investment approach. Syngroh’s first investment was KMLS, a building service provider.

Picture source: Stephen Walker

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