Those European Multi Family Offices are major Real Estate players

Multi Family Offices Real Estate Europe

Like many Single Family Offices, there are also numerous Multi Family Offices that are active as Real Estate investors, portfolio managers or even developers. In this article, we highlight three of the most important Real Estate players among the European Multi Family Offices.

#1: Pamera Real Estate Partners (Germany)

The Munich-based Multi Family Office Pamera Real Estate Partners is completely geared to Real Estate matters. On the one hand, Pamera offers investment management services for wealthy clients and manages the acquisition of select properties as well as the set-up of so-calles club deals. On the other hand, the German family office acts as the owner’s representative during the holding phase of the properties. Like this, Pamera Real Estate covers the full spectrum of Real Estate services and thus is a perfect point of contact for HNWIs interested in allocating their asstes towards property values.

#2: Square Capital (United Kingdom)

With 1.3bn EUR assets under management or advisory, Square Capital is a serious player in the European family office hemisphere. A cruical part of the Multi Family Office’s offer is the set up of suitable structures in order to invest in Real Estate projects around the world. Square Capital works with specialists to lead and manage such projects around the globe and already provided assistance to investments in New York, Switzerland or the UK.

#3: Agami Family Office (Belgium)

The Agami Family Office was established 2006 in order to guide high net worth individuals and wealthy families in the structuring and development of their private, professional and real estate assets. The Multi Family Office is an experienced expert when it comes to Real Estate investments across multiple asset classes such as office, residential, commercial, hotel, forestry, vineyards, agricultural land etc.

Picture source: Randy Fath

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