List of Multi Family Offices in Geneva

list of multi family offices in geneva

Geneva’s financial sector, dominated by prestigious private banks, is known for its “reliability and confidentiality“. The city’s banking tradition dates back to 1387, where the church gave Genevians the exclusive privilege to lend money at interest. Today, 52 of Europe’s most important 400 multi family offices are headquartered in Geneva. We introduce you to three of them.

#1: Banque Heritage

Within our multi family office lists, we divide the types of the MFOs into consulting, asset management and bank affiliated family offices. Banque Heritage belongs to the latter category. Heritage has its roots in the trading business of the Esteve family. Established in 1986 as a family office and gathering the Swiss Federal Banking License in 2004, the group now manages more than CHF 5 billion assets under management.

#2: Bruellan

As a prestigious wealth management firm, Bruellan manages the assets of its customers itself, thereby falling into our “asset management” category. The company was founded in 1991 and has offices in Geneva, Lausanne, Crans-Montana and Verbier. Bruellan made a huge step through the merger with Semper in 2018. Since the merger, the multi family office manages more than CHF 3.5 billion in total.

#3: GADD Infinum

Founded in 1989, GADD Infinum is another well-known Genevian multi family office. GADD is also active as an asset management company, which follows a strictly planned investment process. In general, the multi family offices offers different typed of mandates: from discretionary, to advisory and excecution. The asset management firm allows its wealthy customers to either pay through a performance fee or management fee.

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