Three Swiss Single Family Offices You Should Know About

swiss single Family Offices you should know

The Swiss family office business is thriving. Many important single and multi family offices are operating in Switzerland, due to several reasons: wealthy-friendly taxes, a tradition in banking, discretion and last but not least a high standard of living. We will introduce you to three interesting single family offices, which are a part of our list of the 50 most important Swiss single family offices.

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Cofra Holding, Brenninkmeyer Family, $25B Net Worth

The secretive Brenninkmeyer family is the richest Dutch family. The enormous wealth is based on the clothing company C&A, which was founded in 1841. The family wealth is organized and invested through the Cofra Holding, which in turn owns C&A, the real estate investment firm Redevco and the private equity arm Bregal. In 2018, the family discussed a divestment of C&A. Cofra is based in Zug, Switzerland.

Glasshouse SA, Brabeck-Letmathe Family, 350-400M CHF Net Worth

Peter Brabeck-Lethmathe accumulated hundreds of millions of Swiss franks through his time as CEO of the food giant Nestlé. After retiring in 2017, he manages his investments through his family office “The Glasshouse” together with his son Andres, who serves as managing director. The family wealth is structured around a massive amount of Nestle shares and real estate. Within the last years, the family also made private equity and venture capital investments, for example in Inroll or startups like HyGie tech or Gamaya.

Müller-Möhl Family Office, Müller-Möhl Family, >200M CHF Net Worth

Carina Müller-Möhl manages the family wealth as well as an associated foundation. The Müller-Möhl group invests in capital markets and holds significant parts of companies like the Fielmann AG or Orascom Development. The family foundations works on education issues, work-life balance initiatives and site development.

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Picture Source: Johannes Hofmann

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