Overview of the largest Multi Family Offices from Zurich

Multi Family Offices Zurich

During the past years Multi Family Offices have more and more developed to important actors in the finance branch. Since there has been a lot of of rumours about (private) bank services and the zero-rate policy, wealthy families have searched for new ways to achieve greater returns. Families with an extraordinary amount of money are able to manage an own family office, a so called Single Family Office. Other families, which are also wealthy but not in such an exorbitant way often connect each other in a Multi Family Office. Those companies accelerate the money of the different families to execute huge investments. This article presents some of the most important Multi Family Offices from Zurich. The Swiss city is characterized by wealth and investments and an important centre of Family Offices. The MFOs listed below are part of our database of the largest Multi Family Offices from Switzerland.

 Zurich as one of the most important financial disctricts in Europe

Zurich has a long tradition as an important financial spot in Europe. The first bank was founded in 1755. Since then, more and more financial actors came along. An important milestone in it‘s financial history have been achieved in the twentiest century with the implementation of the Swiss Bank Secrecy. The city enjoys excellent reputation among wealthy individuals to accelerate and increase their capital there. Therefore it is not surprising that many important Multi Family Offices are located in Zurich. Three of them are introduced below.

Portrait #1: Multi Family Office in Zurich – Verium AG 

The Verium AG is lead by Marc Erni, Markus Heeb and Matthias Huber, three financial experts from Switzerland. They provide deep knowledge in anything investment related as well as regarding legal questions. Veriom, as most of the actors in the branch, focus on sustainable growth of the families‘ wealth. The company structures it’s activities in three areas:

  1. The asset structuring works on the wealth’s distribution over different kinds of legal forms, corporations, funds, etc. Furthermore, the company supports its associated families in succession planning and other family related issues, e.g. in regards to heritage or marriage contracts.
  2. The asset allocation is another field of activity Verium serves. That means the distribution of wealth among various participations and investments with the focus on risk diversification and long-term growth. Important to mention here are funds or FTEs. Important when it comes to a more operative and more profitable investment strategy are direct investments, done mostly in businesses like KMUs in the DACH region. The management of Verium usually takes over management positions in those firms. One of the latest acquisitions is the one of Quickmail, a concurrent of the Swiss postal service.
  3. Aditionally Verium is active in the alternative investments area, mainly focusing on the acquisition and management of real estate. In particular, residential real estate and the energy sector promise secure and sustainable earnings.

Portrait #2: Multi Family Office in Zurich – Marcuard Heritage

The Marcuard Heritage Multi Family Office looks back on a very long history in the financial sector. In 1746, Johann Rudolf Marcuard has founded the private bank Marcuard & Cie, which has become one of the most important private banks in Switzerland before it was acquired by Credit Suisse in 1919. A son of the Marcuard family has founded today’s Multi Family Office called Marcuard Heritage in collaboration with two partners in 2003.

The services correspond to the usual scope of a Multi Family Office. In addition to pure asset management, the MFO offers advisory in the area of structuring. The succession and asset planning of the families play an important role here. As a service beyond pure investment and advise on capital issues, Marcuard Heritage offers so-called lifestyle advise, supporting wealthy clients in their daily routine. A special feature of the family office is its own investment company called Alpinum Investment Management AG, which focuses on the investment of assets through a large number of specialized funds. With its own team, investment decisions are made independently of banks so that clients can benefit from the best possible investment alternatives. Another special feature of Marcuard is the international focus. More than 60 employees at six locations on three continents ensure a close proximity to customers and a comprehensive portfolio of investment opportunities on a global level.

Portrait #3: Multi Family Office in Zurich – Helvetic Trust

The Multi-Family Office Helvic Trust has offices in Lausanne, Berne, Zurich and London and is completely owned by its partners. In recent times it has increased the workforce continuously by hiring highly qualified private bankers and lawyers. That was necessary in order to keep pace with the company’s on-going growth. With a history of 18 years Helvetic Trust is one of the largest Multi Family Offices in Zurich.

The USP of Helvetic Trust is the incredible range of services it offers. They serve nearly everything a wealthy client is looking for. It starts with the classic investment, where the clients can choose between an active asset management by Helvetic Trust or advisory. The decision depends mostly on the energy, will and time the clients are able to invest in the management of their assets. Furthermore the Family Office takes care of succession issues. In other cases it supports the establishment of a foundation.

Helvetic Trust offers to examine investments and helps to find cheaper investment alternatives if required. It supports the acquisition, operation and sale of yachts and private aircrafts. Through Helvetic Ventures clients have the opportunity to invest in start-ups. Additionally, there is an own subsidiary company mediating exclusive real estates. Last but not least, Helvetic Trust is able to order gold and silver in various amounts to serve clients’ needs. As stated before, the portfolio of investment opportunities Helvetic Trust serves is huge.

Picture Source: Roman Jauch

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