Zurich Multi Family Office Belvoir Capital Introduces Altoo Wealth Platform

Belvoir Multi Family Office Uses Digital Altoo Wealth Platform

When it comes to digitalization, multi family offices have to decide if they build up in-house solutions and experience or if they rely on external providers. The Zurich multi family office Belvoir Capital AG chooses the latter way: in a press statement Belvoir Capital announced to cooperate with the Zug-based fintech Altoo AG and to use their wealth platform. The decision was made after a successful test phase.

Altoo offers a digital wealth platform for HNWIs and family offices

Altoo offers an interesting mix of functionality, security and user experience. Clients receive a comprehensive overview of their wealth through the platform. Besides financial investments, Altoo also enables clients to include non-bankables asset such as real estate, private equity and collectibles in their wealth overview. The main advantage of the Swiss fintech is that customers can get the most important information in a simple and intuitive way within a second: total net worth, development, performance, asset allocation and currency allocation and all related documents of their assets. In a comment to familyofficehub.io Altoo’s CEO Martin Stadler describes the advantages of his product as follows: “The interactive portal shapes the relationship with the customers in a new way by providing all relevant information in such a transparent and ‘easy to access’ manner. This edge in client experience will allow the family office to sustainably distinguish itself in the market, especially when it comes to ‘next generation’ clients.”

Belvoir Capital uses Altoo’s white label solution

Belvoir Capital was founded in 2004 and has its headquarter in Zurich, Switzerland. The 15 employees of the multi family office are working for individuals, entrepreneurial families and foundations. The wealth manager is using Altoo’s white label solution, which works complementary with already existing portfolio management systems. The cooperation with Altoo is not the first step of Belvoir towards the digitalization of its services: in 2018 Belvoir led a growth financing round for WMD Capital, an online wealth management platform.

Picture source: Altoo

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