Single Family Office Backed Smart Grid Startup Receives Funding

swiss single family office invests smart grid startup

Swiss energy startup DEPsys received a new €13.2M financing round. The Basel-based single family office Wecken & Cie. participated in former financing rounds, thereby fueling the further growth ambitions of the young company.

Provider of smart grid solutions for power system operators

DEPsys offers a grid steering platform called “GridEye”, which allows power system operators to measure and control their grid. The platform enables monitoring, improved stabilization and intelligent algorithms for finding best operating states and control parameters. Founded in 2013 by Michael De Vivo, the company has already raised three rounds of venture capital. The current €13.2M round is led by BNP Paribas and SET Ventures. Thereby, the internationalization should be supported. Amongst others, the market entry in North America and further projects in Asia are planned.

Basel-based Swiss single family office Wecken & Cie.

Wecken & Cie. is the family office of Klaus Wecken, whcih was the founder and CEO of major companies like the KHK Software AG or the real estate company Tivona AG. Since 2007, Wecken works on investments through his private family office. Notable investments include Adler Real Estate – and now also DEPsys.

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