List Of Single Family Offices In Real Estate, Private Equity And Venture Capital

List Of Single Family Offices In Real Estate, Private Equity And Venture Capital

Besides financial investments, there are three important asset classes for single family offices: real estate, private equity and venture capital. Real estate is there for the wealth preservation and steady payouts, private equity is often build around the family business and venture capital offers the chance of high returns (and often strategic opportunities). We want to introduce you to some interesting single family offices in the respective areas.

Real Estate Single Family Offices

HB Capital, Netherlands

HB Capital is the family office of the Dutch retail family blokker, who owns different chains of stores (Blokker, Xenos, Maxi Toys, etc.). The family with an estimated net worth of €1.4B is an active real estate investor with a focus on retail property and distribution centres in prime locations.

Baltisse, Belgium

After the sale of his company IVC to the American Mohawk Group, Filip Balcaen started his family office Baltisse NV. Besides capital markets, private equity and renewables, the family office is a major real estate investor. The focus lies on office property, senior housing and mixed-use. For example, Baltisse owns the Galleria Inno in Hasselt or the Howald retail park in Luxembourg city.

Cofra Holding, Switzerland

The Dutch retail family Brenninkmeijer unites their family holdings within the Swiss Cofra Holding. Besides the usual retail business (C&A), Cofra invests in real estate through the separate firm Redevco. The real estate portfolio of the family office is worth €7.5BN, more than 300 assets are managed through the company.

Private Equity Single Family Offices

Souter Investments, Scotland

Sir Brian Souter, a Scottish entrepreneur, has an estimated net worth of £1B. He made his fortune through the bus and travel company Stagecoach. His wealth is managed through the Souter Investment family office. Known Investments include Virgin Mobile Latin America or Argent Energy.

Syngroh Capital, Germany

The German Grohe family made its money through the family company Grohe. Today, the family’s wealth is invested through Syngroh Capital. The family office’s first investment was the building service provider KMLS.

Awilhelmsen, Norway

Awilhelmsen has its roots in the shipping company of the Wilhelmsen family. The family office is investing in different asset types, amongst others private equity.

Venture Capital Single Family Offices

Reimann Investors, Germany

Reimann Investors is the family office of the Reimann-Dubbers family. The sfo is mainly known for its various venture capital investments. Many of them already made successful exits (like “Sofort Überweisung”, bought by Klarna).

Backstage Invest, Sweden

The family office of the Tilander family, Backstage, invests in startups from the Nordics region. Previous investments were 24Storage, Truecaller or Varenne.

La Financière Saint James, France

La Financière de Saint James is the single family office of French multi-millionaire Michaël Benabou. Besides real estate, the family office is also an active venture capital investor. The Benabou family office mainly invests in fintech, media, service and foodtech startups.

Picture Source: Markus Spiske

Picture Source (Real Estate): Christian Koch

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