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Awilhelmsen has its roots in the shipping industry and was established by Anders Wilhelmsen in 1939. From there on, the company started various new ventures: co-founding the world’s second largest cruise operator Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, providing services for the oil industry and entering the real estate market. In 2000, the group was reorganized as a Family Office. Today there is still a strong focus on the shipping industry, but there are also investments in retail companies and stock markets.

Awilhelmsen Capital is part of our real estate single family office database.

Key facts about the Norwegian Single Family Office Awilhelmsen Capital

  • Family: Wilhelmsen
  • Estimated wealth: 3300
  • Location: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Investment Focus: Private Equity, Real Estate, Financial Markets
  • Notable Investments or Holdings: Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., Power International AS, Awilco AS
  • Website:

Picture source: Arvid Malde

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