Soventus Single Family Office Sweden
Proventus is the life's work of Robert Weil, one of Sweden's most unorthodox investors. In 1969 with only 20 years, he started his first investment company Weilinvest which would later be renamed to Proventus. He and his company were an active driver of the professionalisation, internationalisation and improvement of transparency of the Swedish capital market.... Continue reading →
oslo single family office wilhelmsen norway
Awilhelmsen has its roots in the shipping industry and was established by Anders Wilhelmsen in 1939. From there on, the company started various new ventures: co-founding the world's second largest cruise operator Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, providing services for the oil industry and entering the real estate market. In 2000, the group was reorganized as... Continue reading →
brenninkmeijer single family office cofra holding zug
The Brenninkmeijers are a secretive German-Dutch family with a Swiss-based Single Family Office as a Holding. The family wealth has its origins in the retail company C&A (named after the brothers Clemens and August). The family controls multiple companies through their holding. Redevco manages the real estate investments, Bregal the private equity investments. Highly affiliated with the... Continue reading →