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Wirtgen Invest is a German Single Family Office, located near the city of Bonn. The SFO originated in the sale of the family-owned construction machinery manufacturer “Wirtgen Group” to John Deere for 4.4B€ in 2017. The Wirtgen brothers Jürgen and Stefan are heading the family investment group with a broad investment focus. Besides real estate and capital markets, the SFO is also investing in Energy and Venture Capital. Energy is one of their strong assets, being a field where they operate 3 solar parks in the Czech Republic, furthermore a wind park in Poland and a further wind park in Sweden. Generating sustainable energy and securing energy stability for future generations. In the real estate sector, they own three absolute prime real estate objects in Cologne. They have a team of more than 20 members, to manage the fortune of the family most effectively and were able to secure the support of the former head of investment at the private bank Warburg, Jörg Rahn as an executive. Regarding the venture department, the focus is on mid-sized companies with clear core competence and market leadership or realistic chances to become a market leader. Digitalisation and effective management of the existing assets is a key focus and very high on the current Agenda of the Family Office. But it is not all about increasing wealth, Wirtgen Invest also has a philanthropical part, supporting the German NGO “Kind in Not” with a centre for therapy for handicapped kids in the rural Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.

Wirtgen Invest is part of our venture capital single family office database.
Wirtgen Invest is part of our real estate single family office database.

Key facts about the Single Family Office Wirtgen Invest

  • Family: Wirtgen
  • Estimated wealth: 1500M€
  • Location: Windhagen, Germany
  • Investment Focus: Real Estate, Energy, Venture Capital, Capital Markets
  • Notable Investments: Bazaar de Cologne, Opern Passagen, Altes Eichamt
  • Website: https://www.wirtgen-invest.de

Picture source: Nico von Nordheim

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