Cofra Holding | Single Family Office in Zug, Switzerland

brenninkmeijer single family office cofra holding zug

The Brenninkmeijers are a secretive German-Dutch family with a Swiss-based Single Family Office as a Holding. The family wealth has its origins in the retail company C&A (named after the brothers Clemens and August). The family controls multiple companies through their holding. Redevco manages the real estate investments, Bregal the private equity investments. Highly affiliated with the Cofra Holding is the “Anthos Family Office” which even owns a full banking licencse (and also serves as a family office for the Brenninkmeijers).

Key facts about the Brenninkmeijer Single Family Office Cofra Holding

  • Family: Brenninkmeijer
  • Estimated wealth: 30000M€
  • Location: Windhagen, Germany
  • Investment Focus: Real Estate, Private Equity, Retail
  • Notable Investments or Holdings: C&A, Espace du Palais (Rouen), Buchanan Street (Glasgow)
  • Website

Picture source: Tran Mau Tri Tam

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