Family Office Of Paul Forster Invests In UK Startup Sano Genetics

paul forster family office invests in uk startup sano genetics

The UK startup Sano Genetics chooses an interesting way in the huge genetics research market: the company allows patients to contribute to medical research without sacrificing their own privacy. The main products of Sano Genetics are the offering of trial candidates for medical research and personalized genetic reports. The main focus is always data protection and privacy for the patients. Multiple investors participated in the recent £500k seed funding round. One of them is the family office of Paul Forster, the co-founder of Indeed.

Sano Genetics builds the basis for genome research

The Cambridge-based Genetics firm aims at the empowerment of research for different diseases like eczema, diabetes or muscular dystrophy. Through the funding round, Sano Genetics wants to boost its patient number from 1,500 to more than 10,000. The startup is led by three researchers from the University of Cambridge: Patrick Short (CEO), William Jones (CTO) and Charlotte Guzzo (COO). According to Short, their “platform allows scientists to do research into personalized medicine, and access dynamic health and genetic data sets, while still giving individuals transparency and control throughout the process”.

Forster Family Office is one of many investors in the seed round

Paul Forster, one of the founders of the leading job site Indeed (which was sold to the Japanese Recruit Holdings in 2012), is an active seed early stage investor: exemplary other portfolio companies are Monzo, Thriva or Cargo Mate. One of his investments, Twizoo, was already acquired by Skyscanner. Other investors in the seed round were Seedcamp, Cambridge Enterprise, Wellcome Genome Innovation Centre, Y Combinator and other angel investors.

Picture source: Holger Link

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