London Family Office Alvarium Is Heavily Investing And Acquiring

London Family Office Alvarium Real Estate Investments

There are big movements in London’s family office landscape: LJ Partnership, a major multi family office, is rebranding to Alvarium Investments in 2019. The rebranding is part of a global growth offensive. Alvarium bought several wealth managers, like Iskander (Paris), Casteel Capital (London) or Albacore (Switzerland). Those acquisitions added one billion dollars to the assets under management, which thereby rose to 15 billion dollars. Furthermore, Ken Costa (former Global M&A Head of Lazard) and Aliz Bouzarif (former Head of Investment Execution at the Qatar Investment Authority) became partners and shareholders.

Backed by Asian and Middle East families

Alvarium is backed by many influential family offices and HNWIs. Amongst others, the Hong-Kong based Peterson group and the New York based Dilmun family office (which is related to the Qatari royal family) are shareholders and investors. Dilmun has aquired a 40% stake in Alvarium to “fund (the) expansion into new geographies across the US, Europe and Asia Pacific, and new investment strategies including M&A, private equity, technology and advisory”. So far, more than 200 people are working for Alvarium at 8 offices.

Investments and Co-Investments in Real Estate and High-Growth companies

Besides the usual multi family office services like investment advisory, risk management and manager selection, Alvarium also pursues direct and co-investments. So far, the family office was mainly active on the real estate market, holding assets of 3 billion dollars. Recently, the group also bought a hotel portfolio in the city of London. In the future, Alvarium also wants to participate in investments in high-growth companies in the “media, consumer and technology sectors”.

Picture Source: Luca Micheli

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