This Belgian single family office invests in vegan companies [2022]

This Belgian single family office invests in vegan companies [2022]

This article directly stems from the research process for our single family office database. Our list of venture capital focused single family offices includes the most important family investment vehicles that invest in promising startups, amongst others within the vegan food sector.

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The Belgian Spoelberch and de Mévius families are actively investing in venture capital and private equity deals through their family office Verlinvest. The Belgian single family office is highly active within the foods and consumer goods sector. Verlinvest supported the growth of the vegan food sector with a bold investment in 2020: the family office invested in a $200M equity round of Oatly, which was led by Blackstone. Oatly is a Swedish food firm that offers plant-based milk produkts, mostly based on oatmilk. Verlinvest invested alongside Blackstone, Oprah Winfrey, Howard Schultz and Orkila Capital.  The Belgian family office is also active through other investments in the food sector. It has invested in Indian beverage company Lahori, delivery service Gorillas or the eGrocery marketplace Everli.

Picture source: Anna Pelzer

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