List of Multi Family Offices in London

list multi family offices london uk

London is a vivid financial hub and business centre in Europe. Substantial trade volume of the global stock markets is dealt with through the London Stock Exchange, major banks like HSBC or Bank of England have their headquarter in UK’s capital. Also 26 of the 30 most important British multi family offices are located in London. We are introducing you to three of them.

#1: J. Stern & Co.

The Stern family’s banking business exits since 200 years. The today existing multi family office J. Stern & Co. manages the wealth of selected families with “a long-term investment horizon”. Offered services range from Investment Management to Mercant Banking and Concierge Services.

#2: Stanhope Capital

Stanhope Capital is one of the largest multi family offices in Europe with more than $10B assets under management. The family office invests the money of its client in different fields like financial markets, private equity, real estate and private credit opportunities. Stanhope also manages funds like the “Stanhope Entrepreneurs Fund” or the “German Real Estate Fund”. The London-based multi family office also has offices in Jersey and Paris.

#3: Square Capital

Square Capital has offices in London, New York and Paris. The well-known multi family office which was founded in 2005 has €1.3B assets under management (or advisory). Square Capital invests in real estate and hedge funds besides regular financial markets investments like stocks, currencies, commodities or bonds.

Picture source: Ming Jun Tan

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