Al Mansour Single Family Office London
Man Capital LLC is the investment arm and single family office of the Mansour Family, which owns one of Egypt's most important conglomerates. The family conglomerate is run by three brothers; Forbes estimates their fortune to be in the amount of $5B. Mohamed is the leading figure in the family, together with his two brothers Yasseen... Continue reading →
list multi family offices london uk
London is a vivid financial hub and business centre in Europe. Substantial trade volume of the global stock markets is dealt with through the London Stock Exchange, major banks like HSBC or Bank of England have their headquarter in UK's capital. Also 26 of the 30 most important British multi family offices are located in... Continue reading →
london single family office j leon group real estate
The J Leon Group is a fourth generation British single family office of the Leon family. Besides the main asset class, commercial property, the family office also invests in private equity, hedge funds and financial markets. Private equity investments are taking place in a direct and indirect manner (through Iceni Capital). The current portfolio of the... Continue reading →