Statistics: Amount of Single Family Offices in London

Ranking Single Family Offices UK

London is by far the most important city when it comes to Single Family Offices in the UK

In the last decades, hundrets of family offices were set up all across Europe, in order to help high net worth individuals (HNWI) increasing their assets. This is true for the United Kingdom (UK) as well. We observe that not only British families set up their investment vehicle in the UK, but also wealthy families from abroad. Especially Russian and Arab families trust in the investment professionals from the UK when it comes to their wealth. Our database shows that London is the most important city for Single Family Offices. The presence of experienced wealth managers, investment banks, consultants and finance executives makes London extremely appealing for HNWI from all over the world.

The capital of the United Kingdom is home of 38 Single Family Offices

Our database of UK-based Single Family Offices contains 38 companies that are based in London. As an example, the capital of the United Kingdom is home of the J Leon Group, which we portrait in this article. It is striking that especially many billionaires have established their family office in London. Most of them act very discreetly and attach great importance to discretion. Other families are increasingly opening up and showing a strong presence in The City.

Investment focus of London-based Single Family Offices: Private Equity (PE) is the leading investment type

Our exclusive database of Single Family Offices in the UK makes it possible to get an overview about the investment strategy of the companies. 27 out of the 38 London-based Single Family Offices focus on Private Equity investments in order to increase their wealth. Hence, PE is the most important investment type for SFOs in London, followed by Real Estate (20), Capital Markets (17) and Venture Capital (12). The City offers unique possibilites for HNWIs to build long-lasting partnerships with investment bankers, M&A consultants and Private Equity funds. Being based in one of the most important financial hubs in the world, Single Family Offices have to chance to participate in PE-deals, they get to know about through their network. Many London-based SFOs hire experienced partners, directors and senior managers from Private Equity funds and build up their own investment vehicles.

Picture source: Jurica Koletic

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