Three UK Single Family Offices You Should Know

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One of Europe’s most important cities for the finance world and single family offices – London – lies within the United Kingdom. The huge accumulation of  “old” money and the connection to Europe’s financial markets makes UK a hotspot for single family offices and family investment firms. We introduce you to three interesting SFOs.

#1: Souter Investment, Scottish Single Family Office

Scottish entrepreneur Sir Brian Souter has built up a Billion pound public transport empire through his Stagecoach group. With an approximated wealth of £1B he counts as one of the richest British citizens. His personal and his family investments are done through Souter Investment. The SFO is focused on real estate, financial markets and private equity. Investments include Virgin Mobile Latin America or Argent Energy.

#2: Grosvenor Estate, Traditional British Single Family Office

The well-known Grosvenor family, led by the Duke of Westminster, has approximately £11.8bn assets under management. The investment firm is divided in multiple parts like the personal family office or the investment arm Wheatsheaf, which recently invested in an American startup. The general focus is on real estate, fine art, historic archives, agriculture and a charitable foundation.

#3: J Leon Group, London Single Family Office

Also the J Leon Group is based on the wealth of a fourth generation British single family office. The SFO’s main investment class is commercial property, but also private equity and financial investments. In terms of private equity investments, J Leon is affiliated with Iceni Capital. Current investments include Thesis Asset Management or the US startup aWhere.

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Picture source: Susan Yin

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