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France Multi Family Office Witam

The Multi Family Office WITAM is one of France leading wealth managers for rich families. Currently, they manage over 400 million euros in assets of more than 150 families. Looking back on over more than 20 years of experience Witam was able to position itself as an important player in the French market. The services offered by Witam are very broad and depend very much on the need of each of their distinguished clients. Their methodology is based on Quantalys questionnaire to assess the adequate wealth management in accordance with the client’s preferences, risk appetite and strategy. Once families entrust Witam with the management of their assets, periodic reporting guarantees a complete overview of the relevant financial situation and informs about any eventualities. They group their offered services into five categories. In wealth planning, they offer asset structuring, tax optimization as well as succession planning for their clients. In the finance section, they cooperate with and own the portfolio manager WiseAm which is assigned to make investments into lucrative opportunities on behalf of Witam and their clients. Since 2014 they extended their portfolio by also offering all types of concierge services from the management of travels to family administration. Finally, they are an advisory firm for all investments regarding real estate and art, helping their clients to find an adequate asset to build up a sustainable wealth portfolio. They assist, depending on the wishes of their clients from sole advisory to the management of the whole buying process. Especially their knowledge and network into the art scene is distinguished and one of the assets of Witam.

Key facts about the Neuilly-sur-Seine (Paris) based Multi Family Office Witam

  • Focus: Wealth Management, Investment, Concierge and Advisory
  • Offered Services: Wealth Planning, Financial Advice, Private Family Services, Advice on Investments in Real Estate / Art
  • Location: Neuilly-sur-Seine (Paris), France
  • Executives: Benoist Lombard, Arnaud Perrin
  • Website: https://www.witam.fr/?langue=en

Picture source: Anthony Delanoix

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