PCS Holding | Single Family Office in Frauenfeld, Switzerland

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PCS Holding looks after the assets of Swiss billionaire Peter Spuhler, who was born in 1959 in Seville (ES) and spent his school years in Zurich after his family moved to Switzerland. From 1980 to 1986, Peter Spuhler studied business administration at the University of St. Gallen, while at the same time he began his career in the Swiss army. After an internship at the Union Bank of Switzerland, Peter Spuhler joined the operational management of Stadler Fahrzeuge AG (Stadler Rail) in Bussnang in 1987. After almost two years, he took over the company with 18 employees and CHF 4.5 million in sales. Over the years, Stadler Rail has developed from a local rail vehicle manufacturer into a competitive market player with a global presence, which today generates sales of more than CHF 3.2 billion with more than 12,000 employees. Furthermore, the stock exchange listing of Stadler Rail in April 2019 was one of the biggest milestones in the company’s history. After the turn of the millennium, Peter Spuhler started to get involved in other companies. In 2006, he became majority shareholder of the Swiss Aebi company and merged it with the German company Schmidt. Furthermore, Peter Spuhler, together with Michael Pieper, restructured the crisis-stricken company Rieter. From 2012 Peter Spuhler diversified his portfolio and added three leasing companies: Estonia Train Finance, Nordic Train Finance and Austrian Train Finance. In 2018 the portfolio was also strengthened in the locomotive sector by the establishment of the European Loc Pool with Bank Reichmuth as partner. All the different investments of Peter Spuhler are organized and led through PCS Holding. Almost all portfolio companies are active in industrial manufacturing and transport sectors, with the exception of three leasing companies charged with carrying out financing and leasing transactions in the field of rail vehicles in Switzerland and abroad, particularly in Scandinavia, Estonia and Austria.

Key facts about PCS Holding – The Peter Spuhler Single Family Office

  • Family: Peter Spuhler Family
  • Estimated wealth: 2.2 billion dollars
  • Location: Frauenfeld – Switzerland
  • Investment Focus: Private Equity – Holding of Companies
  • Notable Investments or Holdings: Autoneum, Stadler Rail
  • Website: https://pcs-holding.ch/
  • Executives: Oliver Streuli

Picture source: Armelle Danjour 

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