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Single Family Offices Asia Directory

Our database of the largest Asian single family offices

Asia is one of the most important single family office hubs in the world. According to UBS’s Billionaires Insights Report, more than 831 billionaires are from Asia. Their combined net worth comes to a whopping $3.3 trillion. Many of these billionaires established their own single family offices to manage their fortune. Asian family offices are active investors in financial markets, real estate, venture capital, private equity and other alternative asset classes. Our unique database of Asian single family offices gives an unprecedented overview of the most important family investment vehicles. Through the list, our customers can identify the most important family investment firms and get in touch with them.

Important family investment vehicles from Singapore, Hong Kong, and India

There are various hotspots for Asian family offices. A high number of single family offices is based in Singapore, which is also a major financial hub. In Singapore, every third inhabitant is a millionaire. The sovereign wealth fund of the rather small Southeast-Asian country – Temasek Holdings – is a major investor worldwide. Many Chinese families are managing their wealth through Hong Kong-based family offices. Also, within the last years the number of family offices in India was rapidly rising. Further important family office locations in Asia are Japan, where most family offices are located in Tokyo, Indonesia, Taiwan or Thailand.

Why we offer the best overview of family offices from Asia

Our research team has spent years identifying the most relevant Asian single family offices and collecting them in our internal database. For our research, various channels are utilized: network research, transaction investigation, web crawlers, press releases, etc. Our team has several years of experience in the family office sector and is well connected. Our European single family office list or American single family office list are highly-regarded products in the global investment and family office community.

High data quality through in-depth research

We offer the most datapoints and the highest data quality: every single family office we add to our list is manually checked by our research team. We gather as much information as possible and take care on carefully selecting the most relevant and largest single family offices. Thereby, our customers receive a high-quality list of Asian single family offices.

Disclaimer: due to the secrecy of some family offices, we are sometimes not able to provide you with email addresses or other pieces of information. In case we don’t know the exact investment focus, the specific column is marked as n.a.

Why we offer the best Asian family office directory

Single Family Offices Chian Japan Thailand India

Useful data in our single family office directory: investment focus, family wealth, exemplary investments

Our customers especially value our various data points: besides contact details (general e-mail address, phone number, URL, address) executive names, family wealth, we also include many information points about the detailed investment focus. Especially, we provide you with details on the real estate, private equity and venture capital investment focus. We specify the investment style (in which kind of companies or real estate does the family office invest?) and we provide you with exemplary investments. The list can also be filtered and sorted by financial market investments (funds, equities, etc.) and renewable investments.

Statistics about data coverage in our list

To get a better overview of the included data in our family office list, we are provding a few statistics about geographics, investment focuses and coverage.

Coverage by State

Value Count Percentage in %
Singapore 48 36.36
Hong Kong 33 25.0
India 26 19.7
China 10 7.58
Thailand 5 3.79
Indonesia 5 3.79
Japan 3 2.27
South Korea 1 0.76
Philippines 1 0.76

Coverage by City

Value Count Percentage in %
Singapore 48 36.36
Hong Kong 33 25.0
Mumbai 13 9.85
Jakarta 5 3.79
Bangkok 5 3.79
Bangalore 5 3.79
Shanghai 4 3.03

Frequently asked questions about...

... our data.

Our experienced research team uses various sources for data retrieval and for finding new relevant family offices: we analyze global investment news, we are in close contact with our network of family offices and investment professionals, we build sophisticated web crawling technologies and we investigate which family office is behind which deal.

Our family office lists include general email addresses, phone numbers, URLs, executive names and postal addresses. Our database does not contain "hidden" personal contact details, since that would violate European privacy laws (GDPR). In some cases, when personal contact details are provided by family offices or are publicly available, they might be included in our lists. Due to the short lines of communication at family offices, our clients have had very good experiences in using the contact details provided to get in touch with the investment managers.

Our lists only include publicly available data or data provided directly by family offices. Thereby, we don't offer personal (GDPR relevant) data, but save you months of research of identifying the most important family offices.

"N.a." means that the specific information is not available. In case we know that firm XY is a relevant family office, but we only know its address, phone number and that it for sure invests in real estate we will fill out every known detail. The rest of the fields will be filled with "n.a.". If you want to know the exact coverage (e.g. how many entries come with executive names) please either look on the website or get in touch with us. We are happy to give you detailed coverage statistics

... our prices.

The prices of our family office lists (including VAT) are available on the respective product pages. Our lists are one-off purchases - not a subscription model as offered by many other family office data providers. Free updates are included nonetheless.

Yes, our customers receive free list updates for at least twelve months after their purchase.

Yes, we offer bulk discounts up to 25% in case you are interested in multiple lists. Simply get in touch with us via our live-chat, contact [at] or phone (the number is available on our "Contact" page) and tell us which lists are relevant for you. In addition, in return for a review or testimonial we can offer you a 10% refund.

... purchasing our lists.

Our family office databases are accessible as downloadable excel files. After your purchase, you will be directly able to download the respective family office database. To understand our purchase process, you can simply download some of our free list previews.

Simply go on the respective product page(s), add the desired product(s) to the cart (symbol on the right of the menu item "Database") and proceed to checkout. Enter your details and select a payment method. After payment, you will be immediately able to download the purchased family office list(s). An invoice will be sent automatically via email. In case something goes wrong or you need assistance our customer support will be available via live-chat, email (contact [at] or phone.

Yes, it is. We are in business since several years, we are a trusted partner of important family offices and global investment firms, we were already featured in major financial news publications. We are a German incorporated firm and you can also visit us at our office in Munich (please arrange a meeting beforehand). The founding team stands for the quality of our service with its name. Our website is SSL-secured and safe payment is possible via PayPal and credit card.

... updates of our family office lists.

Yes, we update our lists several times per year in order to offer up-to-date and top-notch information. The columns "Last Check", "Last Update" and "Update Log" will tell you when the entry was checked the last time, when it was updated the last time and what changed during the last update (e.g. "New CEO").

Usually, we update our lists 2-3 times per year. But we can't guarantee a certain number of updates. For example, in 2019 we updated our European single family office database three times. In the beginning of 2019, our database only contained a litte more than 300 entries. Today, our list includes more than 550 European single family offices.

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List of 3 Asian Single Family Offices

In the following, exciting family offices from Asia are introduced. We talk about their investment focus and every interesting aspect. All of the listed family offices are - of course - also part of our Asian family office database.

1. Bright Success Capital (Hong Kong)

The Hong Kong-based single family office Bright Success Capital is mainly focused on venture capital investments. The wealth of the family is based on a consumer electronics manufacturer. Thus, the family office aims to provide "strategic value" for its portfolio companies, especially targeting disruptive technologies. The team of Bright Success Capital is led by Hilton Tam. An interesting fact about the Bright Success family office is the global focus: portfolio companies are also from the United States or Europe. For example, the European bus operator FlixBus is part of the portfolio, as well as neobank N26 or the planet-imagery service planet. A successful exit of the company was music streaming service Spotify, which is meanwhile a listed company.

2. Raintree Family Office (India)

The Raintree Family Office is an active investment vehicle from Pune, India. Raintree has three divisions: its family office, its venture arm and a foundation. The family office invests in public markets, private equity and alternative assets. Raintree Ventures follows an impact investing philosophy and invests in food, clean energy, financial inclusion and healthcare. A portfolio company is Grameen Capital. The Raintree Foundation invests in sustainable integrated rural development and mental health.

3. Sassoon Investment Corporation (Singapore)

Another important Asian single family office is the Sassoon Investment Corporation (SassCorp) - the family office of the Singapore-based Sassoon family. SassCorp invests in consumer facing businesses, education, real estate and technology. The Sassoon Foundation Charity aims at providing access to education and fighting poverty. Besides the headquarter in Singapore, SassCorp also has an office in Los Angeles, United States. The family office also invests in funds. For example, the Sassoon family office is one of the investors of the Genesis Alternative Ventures Fund I.Relevant Asian Single Family Office Investments

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  1. Wang Wei (verified owner)

    We are an asset management firm from SG. The fohub team was incredibly helpful and responded quick. The list is a super useful tool to find relevant Asian single family offices. Some fos to which we have longstanding relationships are part of the list. We were able to find many further relevant fos and are now in conversations with them. Some fos we know that are very discrete are not part of the list but I didn’t expect that.

    Thanks great list!

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