Irish Single Family Office Acquires Printing Group Colorman

Irish Single Family Office Acquires Printing Group Colorman

Woodberry Capital, the private equity arm of the Doran family office, acquires Irish printing group colorman for an undisclosed amount.

Colorman: Irish printing and packaging firm with €29M turnover

Colorman is a full-service printing company that was set up in 1959. The company workst for major medical device, IT and pharma companies. Amongst others, the company offers litographic printing, digital printing, security prints, carton division and more. In latest accounts, the company made a pre-tax profit in the amount of €4.8M, turnover in 2019 was at €29.1M, being flat compares to 2018.

Irish Doran Single Family Office acquires Colorman

Now, Woodberry Capital acquired the firm from current owners Clare Nixon, Gary Clarke and David Clancy. After Colorman’s founder Bob Burke died in 2000, the leadership took over the steering wheel through a management buyout. Now, Woodberry Capital is the new owner of the firm. Woodberry is the private equity division of Ryhall Ltd., the single family office of the Doran family. The Irish family office aims at companies with a growth potential to revenues between €25-800M. A previous investment of the family office was Americk Packaging, which was sold in 2016 to Saica.

Source: Irish Times, 19.04.2021
Picture Source: Bank Phrom

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